Kaminey Synopsis
A sinister plot brings estranged, identical twins (Shahid Kapoor) together.
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Complex story done just right

By pavan_jbit
The story is no different from the regular flicks but the taking of it is what makes the movie special. Mr. Bharadwaj did a great job stitching the entire movie together. The combination of lisp and...

Nice Thriller

By Hridayesh
Must see once...

Fast paced, slick and intelligent entertainer

By amythius
Inspired by Hollywood yet with a unique and distinct flavor, this movie is up there with the likes of Tarantino and Guy Ritchie (think lock stock and two smoking barrels, snatch, la4er cake etc.) this...


By scryan87
This is not your "typical" Bollywood fare. This is true cinema. The filmakers have tried imitate the likes of Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie and have done so beautifully. The visuals are gritty...


By vishalshetti
One of the most hopless movie i have ever seen. Bollywood is going from bad to worse. So complicated and nothing interesting to keep you glued.....

Interesting one

By bhagwati_lal
Its kind of on and off movie.. u like it ot u hate it. Nothing in between. Nice script with some cunning dialogs makes it a good watch....

Awesome Movie, Awesome Direction!

By svesum
Vishal Bharadwaj, I believe has done a fantastic job directing the movie. I have a hunch...Vishal Bharawaj may be secretly inspired by Guy Ritchie or Tarantino, His direction comes real close to...

Comedy without laugh

By dibakar
A kind of comedy that you appreciate but it doesn't make you laugh. A plot that you appreciate but doesn't keep you thrilled. Too many character and too fast. Nice experiment....

worst movie of this year

By akjain672
I saw many people leaving the theater in between. we could not tolerate it either and left after about 1.5 hour. The worst part of movie is its photography (looks like a hand-held camcorder used to...

Life is a ***** and that is why I had to. You can avoid it.

By aagar2003
Based on fast set of events, this film is not worth watching even once. Priyanka Chopra is unused. She barely is seen in very few shots (may be you can time it to 5-10 minutes in total). Storyline is...

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