Great bollywood thriller!

By technoczar
Written March 27, 2012
After a long time the Indian industry has produced a decent thriller. Was a relief to see an Indian movie end without the the Hero getting miraculously revived from the dead and everyone living happily ever after. Bollywood matures!
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By oneandonlyricha
Written March 17, 2012
Great story, setting and acting. Calcutta is as much a character in the movie as Vidya Balan. The suspense is maintained till the end. Certainly worth a watch in the theater.
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Kahaani....was a hair raising awesome movie...Must watch

By nehar0726
Written March 12, 2012
I can't think of a single moment where I lost focus from what was going on the screen.....just no words to describe how freakin awesome this movie is. MUST WATCH.
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A perfect suspense thriller

Written March 12, 2012
"Kahani" A perfectly written suspense thriller, full of twists, along with some laughter & emotions. Gr8 Cinematography & direction! A Must watch in theater. Bidya is all set for awards again.
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Awesome movie..

By nather6
Written March 18, 2012
A very good movie from Bollywood. Vidya Balan acted very well. Over all good story, excellent execution. Definitely a must watch!!
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