Just Wright was alright

By Filmgirl32
Written May 14, 2010
Every now and then I like to get out and support the black actors that get together and make a film. They usually stay in the realm of simple topics like romance comedies and **** that happens to black people in the hood. I have yet to see black actors come together and stretch into themes that are beyond us and that isnt thought up by a white person!! With that being said Common who plays the leading man to Queen Latifah and Paula Patton sorry to say cannot carry a leading man role and the rest of the cast tiptoed around his lack of acting abilities..... he should stick to assassin and hitman roles with little lines and save the romance flicks for taye diggs and morris chestnut!!! Its a feel good romantic comedy and its nice to go with the rest of the black comedies you may have on dvd. So if you can wait til the end of the year when it comes out!!!
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just wright

By yholmes64
Written June 27, 2013
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What I liked most about this movie....

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written May 19, 2010
...was that even though,by it's nature(and previews),the movie is predictable,there was and effort to make the outcome kind of hard and you weren't totally sure how it would end for a minute. I loved that it was clean,I loved the message of the heart and actions of a person are what should be loved.Not excited about Common's acting,but the whole ensemble made his perf work. Yes,it could wait for dvd,but I say see it at the movies to give support to good content and movies portraying African Americans in a positive light. I am spending more on this one.
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Written May 25, 2010
I truly enjoyed this movie. I beleive Queen Latifah and Common had a natural on screen chemistry. The story the story line works and both actors appeared comfortable in their roles. This is a film that can, "morph" from a movie seen alone, with your girlfriends or even as a date night. I don't feel that guys would view this one as a "chick flick". OK for older teens and adults who enjoy the multiple accomplishments of these two gifted actors/music entertainers.
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Good date movie or girls night out movie

By jjc34406
Written June 04, 2010
I liked this movie. It was light hearted, tactful comedy, light romance with a tad bit of sports thrown in there too. Queen Latifah was great...I think she can be giving deeper roles in the future. She has so much potential. Common was a natural for his limited screen play. Though still learning screen roles, I thought he has a natural presence about him that captivates his audience just as he does as a rapper. The script was solid given the plot of the movie. The acting was very good. The story line was a C. A bit of the movie was unrealistic... The movie for once, didnt overplay what pro athletes are like in a good or bad way. I thought it was an appropiate portrayal. That's a frustration of mine when I watch movies that portray athletes and sports teams. This movie is family friendly. I would go as young as 14/15 for this movie. I cannot say I would go younger than that due to the ensuated love scene. And the language was ok for young teens. I give it a B
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