What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Justin Bieber's Believe is a concert documentary that follows the international popstar on his Believe tour, particularly his two nights in Miami in January 2013. Like Never Say Never, the movie is directed by Jon M. Chu and includes concert footage, behind-the-scenes interviews with the artist and his music team, as well as a look at the other artists involved in putting on his concerts, like the choreographer, stylist, and back-up dancers. There's no violence or language, but a few of the songs do have some slightly more mature and suggestive lyrics (but nothing too risque). There is one sad sequence that chronicles Bieber's relationship with a dying young superfan. The movie, like the album, hopes to inspire Bieber fans to believe in themselves and their dreams.
  • Families can talk about how every generation has huge musical acts. What is the difference between those who go the distance and those who can't evolve as they grow older? Do you think Justin Bieber will still be around in another five or ten years?
  • Do you consider Bieber a role model? If so, does he have a responsibility to his fans? Does the fact that he got mad at the paparazzi change your mind about him or does it just make him more human?
  • The director, Jon Chu, returns but not just as a director this time, but also as a creative director of the entire concert tour. How does that affect the film's objectivity about Bieber?
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