• Released
  • February 25, 2011
  • (Limited one-week release!)
  • G , 1 hr 55 min
  • Documentary


By Yung Boi
Written February 25, 2011
I only went for my 6yrd old daughter. However, after watching the movie, I have a new found respect for Justin. He really worked hard to get where he is. Good movie, overall.
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Why does everybody think that?

By roxursox8888
Written February 25, 2011
Not only do I despise this movie, but now, I despise him. Nothing can get any worse then this movie. Even the regular one. I don't like Justin Bieber anymore because of his poor performance and behind the stage stories.
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By 1029a3
Written February 27, 2011
This is one of the best movies I've ever seen not only is he great his life story is great I love every thing about the movie I can't find anything to change about the movie or justin bieber hey is soo great :) <3
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My Review

By coolthang0429
Written February 27, 2011
OKKKKK i think that this movie was the best movie in the history of movies!!!!! It was just a girls dream and i know wat that feels like i was amazed how the 3D came out!!!!! Belive me i am a Justin fan tooo!!! And after i saw it i realized that he is a fun talented young artist that is creative and sweet!!!!!! The night i went to see it it was packed full of people there just to see this movie!!!! Truly i loved and adorded this movie, i encourage all people to go see it because i will never again say NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!!!
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By katiemcloud
Written February 26, 2011
He's like17 and sounds like a little school girl No afence usher but why did you bring him into this world All of you justin bieber fans go on u tube and look up justins beaver.
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