Just Go With It

By nsleuthold
Written March 28, 2011
Cute movie with all the regular Adam Sandler cameos! It was funny and a romantic comedy. My husband laughed, so that's all that matters! Lots and lots of famous faces in the movie! Not really for the kiddos, but a great date movie!
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Just Go With It...

By marchiando1
Written April 10, 2011
Pretty predicable, but full of laughs. Still laughing after the movie was over and we were driving home.
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Jen is great

By fresnodoggy
Written February 12, 2011
Better than your average Sandler movie, because of Jennifer Aniston, and the actiong of the little girl, she is very funny. Yes, predictable, but if these romantic comedies ended any way other than we expect, we would be mad. A lot of funny parts to this one. Worth going to see. Not a life changing movie, but lots of laughs and fun, and like I said, the little girl will crack you up.
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Great Date Movie

By Goubels
Written February 19, 2011
It was an enjoyable movie from beginning to end if you go on a date. The comedy was mature and not over the top. I just want to warn the men to not give any reaction during any of the bikini scenes with brooklyn or Aniston. You want to scream out WOW but need to respect your date.
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How Not to Make A Romantic Comedy

By gavnost
Written February 16, 2011
When the highlight of any movie is the guy with goofy glasses and a bad accent from who knows where, its never a good sign. Adam Sandler is always lovable, as is Jennifer Aniston, however, not enough to save this movie. The children were cute but irritating to everyone, especially the audience. The beautiful blonde had a weird body that did not look good in that bikini! Sandler and Aniston should actually try acting like a character, not just an actor making easy money. All the references to Carey Grant led us to believe that this was a romantic comedy, but this cast missed the mark by a long shot. Romantic comedies are exaggerated and expressive, and when only one actor hits this mark, the whole movie is a miss.
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