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By crazymonkeycrap
Written April 07, 2013
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Great to see replayed on the big screen

By ksucatsR1
Written July 01, 2007
It was great to see this movie replayed on the big screen again after nearly 13 years. You don't realize what you miss in the way of sound/visual experience when you can only watch it on your TV. The setup of the theater and equipment showed that it had literally been completed hours before show time, with the sound not working, then when it did it was much too loud. But in the end, it all worked out and my son and I had an enjoyable experience.
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Classic dinosaur storytelling that is scary as you can get!

By Dominic LeRose
Written June 28, 2014
Dinosaurs were some of the most magnificent creatures to roam the Earth, and lived during the Mesozoic era about 65-230 million years ago. With the power of cinema these magnificent beasts can still live on and please audiences for centuries. Jurassic Park is the story of three doctors who study at a theme park that is home to cloned dinosaurs. Technically not every species is from the Jurassic era. You have some Cretaceous and Triassic cold-blooded buddies running around as well. When the doctors continue their study on the life of the creatures, a strong power-outage is caused due to weather, and this causes many creatures to roam free outside of their controlled boundaries. And yes this means Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptors too, which causes intense horror scenes involving being eye to eye, hiding, and chased for food. The film has very realistic dinosaurs, and for 1993, the effects are miraculous. It would be very difficult for a special effects team to create visually re-mastered dinosaurs that match the iconic physiology of the ones Steven Spielberg and his team have created. Every dinosaur is focused on in different ways. Some show the beauty these creatures have, others show the power and terror they are capable of causing. The horror isn't overdone or disturbing at all, which is why the scenes are scary! The shock value and mystery Spielberg adds is similar to how he did the shark in 'Jaws.' He makes the creatures suspicious and elusive before popping out and scaring the heck out of us. The classic scenes in which the T-Rex chases the car before stopping his way in causing the glass of water to shake and attacking the car like it was a raw piece of meat are cinematic beauty. Spielberg has created a film full of science, wonder, visual beauty, and terror that is made in wondrous ways technically, and will provide pure entertainment for centuries.
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Best on the Big Screen

By thabowler
Written March 07, 2007
This is a must see on the big screen. Faborite movie of all time
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Jurassic Park at the Big Edwards

By conchobara
Written June 29, 2007
There were some technical glitches throughout, but it's a new screen and sound system, so I let those go. I actually felt that we didn't get the full surround sound experience because of it being an older movie on new equipment, but it was great to see the movie on the big screen again!
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