its good

By glxy
Written September 02, 2007
its great
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A movie-making feat

By arrozpollito
Written July 01, 2007
Back when movies used animatronics and puppet where still the driving force of special effects, this movie truly made a historically convincing attempt at giant moving dinosaurs. Of course, some archaic computer artwork was used, but for the most part, not overtly.
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A Classic!

By Lissa24
Written July 01, 2007
Jurassic Park is a classic movie of adventure and scientific madness. It's a must see movie!
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By tjturner22
Written July 27, 2016
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Age old movie with age old sound

By notevolution
Written June 29, 2007
Is there such a thing as a movie that's too loud? I didn't think so until I went to Jurassic Park. Not that the sound system isn't outstanding, but the sound quality of a fourteen year old movie obviously can't stand up to Newport's current sound system. The result was brutally loud front speakers with an absense of bass. The conversations were either too soft or so loud that there was an actual high pitched hum in the background. The action scenes were extremely loud, but with no real separation of sound. Obviously it was the movie and not the theater itself, because the following trailers were absolutely outstanding. So, yes to Edwards Big Newport 6, but no to Jurassic Park sound...
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