By aollari710
Written October 02, 2014
I absolutely love this movie i watch it ever night!
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By nishithkoirala
Written March 26, 2013
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Classic Spielberg

By rodneygraham
Written June 30, 2007
Like Jaws before it, this is classic Spielberg. The opening scene doesn't reveal the man-eating dinosaur, yet unseen terror unfolds with the first human casualty. I'd forgotten how scary this movie was when I first saw it fourteen years ago with my ten year son. I know, bad parent, but I must have done something right since we both enjoyed jumping out of our seats at the newly renovated Big Newport Theater Thursday night. We are both eagerly looking forward to the viewing the upcoming Transformer and Stardust, which previewed at the end of Jurassic Park.
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By cykough
Written July 30, 2007
Brilliant craftwork. Shows coming of age marriage of robotics and other new technologies to seamlessly create an environment of adventure and realism.
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its good

By glxy
Written September 02, 2007
its great
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