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Predictable and Slow Moving

By izzybno
Written April 21, 2015
I was really excited to finally be able to go to this movie as I did not see it when it came out. My girls (14,12 & 9) also saw the preview and were excited as well. I was very disappointed at how slow moving (boring) it was until the hunt began. (Dinosaurs hunting people) That is when it became very predicable. That along with body parts flying around made it somewhat inappropriate for the kids. I was tempted to give it a so-so rating just because of the Dinosaurs but I couldn't justify it. (they are only actually on screen for 6 minutes the entire movie and I don't think its worth it to sit through the other 2 hours.
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By delirious_13
Written April 15, 2013
This movie was awesome! My husband and I enjoyed it so much. I had never seen this movie in theater, only on a tv. It's one of my favorites movies and to see it on the big screen is great, then for it to be 3D is even better.
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Jurassic Park 3D Its' Amazing!!!

By movie_fan340
Written December 19, 2014
It was great to see it again in 3D, the movie look it nice and the sound was good.Watching it like that make it good of the visual effects in the film.Love it and it makes me felt like i watched for the first time. You should not miss it while it still playing.
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Has stood the test of time without added 3-D

By mourhen
Written March 06, 2015
Jurassic Park is a classic and I've watched it many times. Upon seeing the 3-D version, I've come to the conclusion that these effects must be executed during the original production, not added years later. It was to me, obvious that the effect had been an after thought. Areas in the foreground are blurry and there are a lot of reflections in interior scenes that did not translate well. There was only one scene where the effect actually worked well (near the end of the movie when a young raptor was jumping upward towards a character escaping through a ceiling vent). This is a movie that stands well on its own without gimmicks. The 3-D version was not worth the hiked ticket price.
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Worth It

Written October 29, 2014
Even though I have all three Jurassic Park movies (in VHS) I just had to check out the 3D version. Though it's not a real 3D, the effects are there after being remastered. Sound is good but a home system with lots of bass can do the same thing. Worth going to see especially if you can get a matinee as a senior to save some money.
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