See it in


By delirious_13
Written April 15, 2013
This movie was awesome! My husband and I enjoyed it so much. I had never seen this movie in theater, only on a tv. It's one of my favorites movies and to see it on the big screen is great, then for it to be 3D is even better.
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Jurassic Park 3D Its' Amazing!!!

By movie_fan340
Written December 19, 2014
It was great to see it again in 3D, the movie look it nice and the sound was good.Watching it like that make it good of the visual effects in the film.Love it and it makes me felt like i watched for the first time. You should not miss it while it still playing.
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Worth It

Written October 29, 2014
Even though I have all three Jurassic Park movies (in VHS) I just had to check out the 3D version. Though it's not a real 3D, the effects are there after being remastered. Sound is good but a home system with lots of bass can do the same thing. Worth going to see especially if you can get a matinee as a senior to save some money.
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Jurassic Park 3D

By clarencephn
Written December 25, 2014
Great Movie. I have seen this movie many times on tv. Nothing beats big screen and 3D is just the icing on the cake. Great experience.
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Jurassic Park 3D

By ReviewingTime
Written January 27, 2015
Jurassic Park 3D, Sam Neill has been in about 106 roles as of 2013 and not one has ever been as memorable as his portrayal as Dr. Alan Grant strike any sequel because they all never happened. These 3D rereleases were beginning to get obnoxious and when Jurassic Park was announced it sounded like a cash-grab, and it still could be but that doesn’t matter because it’s worth the extra money. The highest compliment you can give a 3D film is that you forgot you even had glasses on, this one does just that. It’s nearly impossible to tell that this was post-converted to 3D and wasn’t shot in 3D but it was and it came out looking better than a lot of the 3D films these days. This isn’t a film anymore it’s an experience. The film alone earns itself an A+ and the 3D earns itself an A+.
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