See it in


By suenj1023
Written April 13, 2013
I absolutely love this movie but calling it 3D is just wrong. I was expecting great 3D moments only to be disappointed when throughout the whole movie, there was maybe two! it's obvious it is 3D when you see the people, but no touching moments.... Dont waste your money.
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Great movie with or without 3D

By Ramos's
Written April 07, 2013
I have seen this movie a billion times and always enjoy it. 3D added more dimension but continues to be the spectacular flic it ALWAYS has been. Well worth seeing again and again....3d or not
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Worth the Money

By gregthree
Written April 07, 2013
Having a family of 6, this is the first 3D movie we have seen. At $60 for my family I have to be picky on what we spend our entertainment dollars on. My wife and kids are HUGE fans of the movie, especially the first one. Since we had the chance to see it, we went. As usual, I fell a sleep in the first 30 minutes. I always do. Setting up the movie is boring. Once we got to the island it was all go. The 3D realism is fantastic. I have never seen anything like it. The T-Rex was in my lap more than once. I" highly recommend seeing this movie. The only issue I had and it may be because the movie was not designed for it, was I expected to have things thrown at me or come directly at me to appoint where I thought they would actually get me. Going to Disney in there 3D at the park, I felt like items at times were going to hit me if I did not move. Perhaps it was the movie since it was a remake of a 20 year old file.
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jurassic park

By bobs948
Written April 19, 2013
I liked it. there was some comedy, beautiful scenery and of course high drama. Not sure there's another movie with more realistic dinosaurs especially in 3D.
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Jurassic Park 3d - 20 years later..

By elpack
Written April 21, 2013
20 years ago I saw it 3 times in the theatre because I loved the "special effects" and felt like I was being chased. The side view mirror warning that objects are closer than they appear will forever be linked with this movie! Seeing the movie wasn't a question as to the quality of the movie because it is the same as it was with 20 years passed. So I figured some of the acting and such would be a bit out-dated. Instead my focus was on the 3-d and whether it enhanced the film. It did! However, I think it is important to remember that the film was NOT made in 3-d and thus the effects are somewhat limited -- nothing was changed to make it more 3-d-able. Having said that - I loved it. It was enough of an effect to give it the 3-d feel and certainly worth seeing again.
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