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3-D Disappointment

By cwholdsworth
Written April 06, 2013
My main reason for seeing Jurassic Park 3-D was because I wanted to see the same movie I saw for the first time in theaters when I was only ten. Childhood memories satisfied, I noticed very little that the 3D brought to the film. I was expecting to be more blown away by the technology applied to a film seemingly made for it. But the dinosaurs, still in all their usual glory, were, to me, no more special than in the regular version. It's still a great movie and a great one to watch in theaters, just don't expect much more than the regular version when you see it in 3D.
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Jurassicly Scarier

By Darkola
Written April 07, 2013
I havent seen this movie in ages, and for it being in 3D or not, seeing it on the big screen was a treat in itself. The 3D was ok, as the movie wasnt filmed in real 3D, your not going to get the full 3D effect, but overall they did do a good job on the 3D for working it into an existing film. This movie being digitally remastered ... Wow ... to me the dinosaurs looked even better, and even scarier then before ... and to top it off, the sound ... the Dinosaurs sounded meaner, scarier ... all am going to say is all that added to an already great movie, if ya liked it the first time around, then go see it again, as to me it was well worth the time and money to see the jurrasic dinosaurs all over again with everything looking better this time around. I would give this 3 1/2 stars out of 4 myself, hope ya enjoy, and hope ya add me to your favorites if ya liked my review and to read my other movie reviews :)
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At the edge of my seat

By Karedentical
Written April 06, 2013
The movie still has it! I still jumped at the same scenes I jumped at the first time I saw it. The sound was awesome. If you are a fan of Jurassic Park, you'll love it in 3D.
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Still Awesome!

By makogurl
Written April 09, 2013
It amazes me that this movie is still SO good! The dinosaurs don't look campy or dated, they're still scary and realistic! The 3D makes the dinos look even better! The part where the Jeep falls down the tree after Alan and the little boy was SO COOL in 3D! Definitely go if you love Jurassic Park!
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Must see. Much better than I had expected.

By Phate
Written April 12, 2013
When I first thought of Jurassic Park being redone for 3D.. I had low expectations. It was amazing. Not only because of the memories from my childhood it brought back.. but the 3D work was amazing. It made the experience so much better. If you have the chance to go see this, don't pass on it. You'll leave impressed.
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