Cute movie, good one to see with your teen. Very real depiction

By moviefanwith3kids
Written March 21, 2015
The movie was cute. It was well acted and the story line was simple but intrueging. I do not have teens but if I did I would take them to see the movie just to maybe get a better idea of this is what you might experience if you end up pregnant. The twist in the movie was a surprise and again another real experience that might just happen. The supporting actors played by Junos Stepmom and Dad added to the moives authenticity quality. They did what any good parents should do. It is worth seeing
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Juno was a great movie!

By movie_luver13
Written March 21, 2015
I wanted to see it in theaters but I didn't have the time, so literally the first day it came out I rented it. I loved it! It is now one of my movies. It made you think about what it would feel like being pregnant at such a young age. I would recommend this movie to anyone.
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Best Movie in a Long Time

By revolv
Written March 21, 2015
I was just privileged enough to be privy to a screening of this exquisite film. It's smart, funny, different, and innovative. I can't stress enough how wonderful of an experience this movie provided. This is a MUST see!
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By serged999
Written March 21, 2015
THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST MOVIE EVER. The acting was horrible, the storyline even worse. I had heard of all the great reviews, and even noticed over 3000 must go's. But there should probably be three million OH NO's! It was not real, the humor was always sexual related, and the entire thing was how irresponsible a person can be. This movie made me sick. SICK SICK SICK. Juno needs to get a life, show some responsibility, and enough sarcasm already. PUKE ON THIS MOVIE! Even the parents were portrayed as irresponsible adults. If you want your kids to get pregnant at a young age, this movie may help facilitate that. Funny? Please. The only thing funny about this movie is Dwight from the Office.
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By allygator
Written March 21, 2015
This movie instantly became my favorite of all time. I laughed out loud repeatedly and just enjoyed myself over all. Every moment of the movie was brilliantly thought out. This is definitely a movie you shouldn't miss.
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