En espanol

By argmiami
Written February 29, 2008
La fotografia de los paisajes fueron muy buenas, los actores muy bien y bonitos, la pelicula debe ser de ciencia ficcion y recomiendo no llevar a su hijo/a porque despues quedra meterce por los muros a ver como pasa a otro lugar. Para la gente de la avicion si esto existiera estan todos desempleados.
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By Me55iah
Written February 15, 2008
When I saw the trailers for this movie I have to admit I was very excited for it. But when I went and saw it I was very disapointed. The story goes absolutely nowhere. It doesnt explain itself at any point in the movie for anything that it throws at us. Like why he has the power, why exactly there is a so-called "war" even though there seems to be only one other "Jumper" involved in it. I have to mention thats another thing that bothered me is that in the tralier they act as if your going to see plenty of other jumpers that are going to help with this war but then theres only two and that includes Hayden Christiansons character (not much of a war if you ask me). And also they wasted the talents of the likes of Diane Lane who is in the movie for a total of 5 minutes as the mother of Hayden's character (which also goes nowhere). So there you have it the only good thing for this movie is that the special effects are great but that doesnt save this movie.
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Awesome Ride

By Jedi_Mind_Trick
Written February 15, 2008
Though the back story is lacking depth and the exact EXPLANATION of why a "Jumper" can do what he does...(brief mention of wormholes)...this was an edge of the seat movie through and through. Absolutely fantastic CGI and Christenson's acting has come a long way from his cheesy Star Wars days. Plus,having Sam Jackson as the consummate bad*** always makes any movie fun to watch.
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By moviecritic:)
Written February 20, 2008
i was looking forward to this movie ever since i saw the commercial for it in... december. and i was SO EXCITED! the movie definately was as great as i pictured and i thought the jumping thing was cool! i wish it was longer though and i cant wait to see Jumpers II if they make one!!!!
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Just for the fun of it

By joesteph
Written February 14, 2008
This was kind of a "popcorn movie" to me. You go to be entertained and not worry if it's going to win an Oscar. I just sat back and enjoyed the show. It even picks up speed as you find out that--Surprise!--there's not just one Jumper in the world.
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