JULIE & JULIA - C'EST MAGNIFIQUE!!! RATING: 98 out of 100. (Per advance VIP press preview)

Written July 30, 2009
Mon. July 27th. - I attended the advance VIP press preview of this 123-minute movie based on 2 true stories. J&J was SUPERBLY directed/screenwritten by Nora Ephron. Both Amy Adams and Meryl Streep were EXCELLENT! Each time M.S. appears on screen - it's as if she is the MAIN dish while everyone else are the condiments. This Oscar-worthy performance/portrayal by one of the most talented highly respected thespians of our generation will earn M.S. another Best Actress Oscar again. The AMAZING thing about this movie is the fact that the sets, props AND costumes were sized and scaled to make the real-life petite M.S.(5' 6") appear as robustly taller like the real Julia Child(6' 2") - and also, actors/actresses of physically smaller statures than M.S. were cast - and all these ingredients resulted in the most successful PERFECT illusion with M.S. appearing to tower over everyone else. With a well-written/executed script - J&J is a MUST-SEE movie! GRADE: A-PLUS
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A charming comedy about two women that love cooking

By movies-4-me
Written July 31, 2009
The newest Nora Ephron film is a wonderful look at two women, both empowered by the men in their lives and the food they create. Amy Adams is Julie Powell, a writer who has failed at completing her novel; so she decides to start a blog centered around her cooking all 500+ recipes in Mastering the Art of French Cooking, by Julia Child and her partners, within a year. Running along with that story-line is Julia Child herself - played marvelously by Meryl Streep - struggling to turn her passion for food into actually doing something with it. The movie is fun, and whimsical. It drags just a bit in the middle, when both women are discouraged a bit. But, for the most part it's light and funny and while I'd never thought I'd see them share a screen together; Jane Lynch is great in her few minutes on-screen as Julia's sister. Stanley Tucci is amazing in the role. But, it's Streep, who steals the show (as expected), as the larger than life (literally) character of Julia. She's hilarious.
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Entertaining and fun!

By ExcursionUSA
Written August 08, 2009
Definately worth going to see... Funny and entertaining with lots of great food. Eat before you go, or get a big bucket of popcorn to munch on, as some of the dishes in the movie are simply mouth watering... Lots of laughs and giggles throughout the entire movie!
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Just saw it at advance screening...

By jrmycamprox
Written July 30, 2009
If you love Julia Child and/or love to cook, you will enjoy this movie so much! Be warned other movie goers, if you are expecting a nice drama, that is not what you will get. It is the equivalent of watching Food Network with a storyline. Not to put the movie down (because I loved it) but that is what you will get. Sensuality is a few making out scenes, and there's a few swear words (including one f-bomb), but nothing too major.
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Julia Childs: My childhood hood idol finally gets her movie!!!

By Chefdog03
Written July 16, 2009
Every one who hears the name Julia Childs automaticially knows of her french cooking show aired on PBS. What they dont know is that she was the most gifted TV chef of all time. I remember idolizing ger growning up and still do to this day. On Tuesday July 14th, I was given the opportunity to see an Advanced screening of Julie and Julia. The only word to use is Fantastic. From beginning to end, the movie is simply charming and totally adorable. I must admit, I am a shmuck for a good chick flick. I love the works of Nora Ephron. I would recommend this movie to any one who love julia childs, loves cooking or is female or a sensitive male thats a bit emotional. The movie contains a great story, excellent plot development and great acting. Merryl Streep was the prefect choice for Julia. She Portrated her perfectly it was almost as if Julia was in the movie herself. Amy adams was as usual her charming self. If yous looking for a movie, you can not go wrong. I give the movie an A+. 10 of 10.
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