Julia Arnall
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1931
Birth Place:
Vienna, Austria

Worked With

Year Name Title
1967 Clive Revill The Double Man
1967 Lloyd Nolan The Double Man
1967 Franklin J. Schaffner The Double Man
1967 Elke Sommer The Double Man
1967 Anton Diffring The Double Man
1967 Yul Brynner The Double Man
1967 Moira Lister The Double Man
1967 Carl Jaffe The Double Man
1962 Honor Blackman Avengers: Intercrime
1962 Patrick Macnee Avengers: Intercrime
1961 Norman Rossington Carry On Regardless
1961 Kynaston Reeves Carry On Regardless
1961 Joan Sims Carry On Regardless
1961 Kenny Williams Carry On Regardless
1961 Eric Pohlmann Carry On Regardless
1961 Victor Maddern Carry On Regardless
1961 Liz Fraser Carry On Regardless
1961 Charles Hawtrey Carry On Regardless
1961 Hattie Jacques Carry On Regardless
1961 Dermot Walsh The Trunk
1961 Philip Carey The Trunk
1960 Michael Gough Model for Murder
1960 Hazel Court Model for Murder
1960 Keith Andes Model for Murder
1958 Tom Clegg Mark of the Phoenix
1958 Eric Pohlmann Mark of the Phoenix
1958 Anton Diffring Mark of the Phoenix
1957 George Coulouris The Man without a Body
1956 David Kossoff Triple Deception
1956 Geoffrey Keen Triple Deception
1956 Eric Pohlmann Triple Deception
1956 GĂ©rard Oury Triple Deception
1956 Carl Jaffe Triple Deception
1956 Michael Craig Triple Deception
1956 Anton Diffring Triple Deception
1956 Barbara Bates Triple Deception
1956 Brenda de Banzie Triple Deception
1955 Laurence Harvey I Am a Camera
1955 Vince Edwards I Am a Camera
1955 Julie Harris I Am a Camera
1955 Tutte Lemkow I Am a Camera
1955 Anton Diffring I Am a Camera
1955 David Kossoff I Am a Camera
1955 Patrick McGoohan I Am a Camera
1955 Shelley Winters I Am a Camera
1955 Maurice Denham Simon and Laura
1955 Thora Hird Simon and Laura
1955 Ian Carmichael Simon and Laura
1955 Kay Kendall Simon and Laura
1955 Jill Ireland Simon and Laura
1955 Peter Finch Simon and Laura
1955 Charles Hawtrey Simon and Laura
1955 Marianne Stone Simon and Laura
1955 Richard Wattis Simon and Laura
1955 David Farrar Tears for Simon
1955 Thora Hird Tears for Simon
1955 Glyn Houston Tears for Simon
1955 Barbara Windsor Tears for Simon
1955 George Woodbridge Tears for Simon
1955 Joan Sims Tears for Simon
1955 John Welsh Tears for Simon
1955 Marianne Stone Tears for Simon
1955 John Gregson Value for Money
1955 Ernst Thesiger Value for Money
1955 Derek Farr Value for Money
1955 Charles Lloyd Pack Value for Money
1955 Donald Pleasence Value for Money
1955 Diana Dors Value for Money
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