Sivakanth-Julai Review -Movie for minds

By panchag
Written August 11, 2012
Nice work by Director . Unlike other reviews Trivikram mark Punch dialogues are there but the power of narrating story and the editing snatched away. Songs which look separate album by themselves disturb the Story narration especially when the mind game is running between heavily. Ileana looked nice in zero size. Allu arjun has put on weight after marriage . He has to take care as she looks short even with small extra weight in his body . Go Watch !
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Not good

By rajatluri
Written August 10, 2012
Its not as good movie as Trivikram's movie. First half comedy is good...and second half is too weak. Overall i did not like this movie. I usually like Trivikram's movies and this is not good. And this is my opinion
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Nice funny movie

By vnpkumar
Written August 12, 2012
Plan to enjoy the movie without any logic...if you start thinking ... you cannot stay more than few seconds inside the theater. Very good entertainment for 2 hours for the price of the money :-) Regards Praveen
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By rosaiah.gupta
Written August 13, 2012
The movie is really good and having lot of comedy. My kids, wife and myself laughed a lot. Totally we had a great time and having lot of fun while watching movie.
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Watch it and you may not be disappointed!

By kirandotc
Written August 13, 2012
The screenplay is driven not by the characters or the story but by the director's will. That's what makes this movie an incomplete experience as an entertainer. Dialogues are good, like it can be expected from the writer-director Trivikram Srinivas. Ileana as the female lead has an underdeveloped character. Allu Arjun as the male lead performs decently and so does Rajendra Prasad in a supportive role. There are numerous people who are enjoying the film all over the world. So, do not buy my review as the sole verdict on the film!
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