Slant Magazine

By Nick McCarthy
Chad Crawford Kinkle impressively imbues this supernatural world of backwoods mysticism with a plausible milieu while still staying committed to the film's own brewing insanity.
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Village Voice

By Pete Vonder Haar
Kinkle shows a deft hand at pacing and the gore is kept to a minimum.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
An atmospheric chiller that’s just quirky enough to achieve cult status.
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By Rob Nelson
The brisk, brief feature appears more atmospheric than terrifying, but its bare-bones tale gets under the skin.
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After all the thrills, chills, and jumped up machinery in both big and little films these days, there's not too much that can shake us up; show me something I can't get anywhere else, like Jug Face's rare joyful hillbilly dance sequence, with heels-tapping and spoons clanking.
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Los Angeles Times

By Robert Abele
Kinkle's debut refreshingly sacrifices gore showpieces (though it is bloody at times) for a steadily increasing dread tied to a young woman's desperation.
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The Dissolve

By Nick Schager
Intriguing without ever proving insightful, the film nonetheless has a formal patience and meticulousness that sets it apart from its jump-scare-loving mainstream-horror brethren.
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The New York Times

By Nicolas Rapold
Some low-budget manifestations of the supernatural jazz up the frights now and again, but as the novelty of worshiping a hole in the ground fades, the film paints itself into a corner.
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New York Post

By Farran Smith Nehme
This morbid, cruel movie seems leached of all things that might inadvertently give viewers pleasure.
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