Cute movie kids will love it!

By mommyof3boyz
Written June 13, 2011
The movie is funny from the very beginning. It's and age appropriate movie that does not use any type of foul language which is a +. Also, it shows kids that there is no need to go away or spend money to have an amazing time.
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Cute Movie

By angelamm67
Written June 12, 2011
It was a cute movie- took my daughters (16 & 12) to see it. It kept our interest, and was humorous at times.
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It's not a bummer

By swtcheri78
Written June 18, 2011
While this movie is not SuperMegaTotallyThrilladelic as the ad suggests, it is a fun adventerous kids movie. Most enjoyable for the 6 to 11 year old set, it didn't have me squirming in my seat. The inevitable mishaps had my child laughing and me smiling. Life seems like it would be one adventure after another with an aunt like Judy's around. While the movie was fairly easy for me to work out in advance, it provided some well received surprises for my 8 year old. That's the most important thing you need to remember, this movie is for kids. As an adult it's easy to be overly critical, or inspect the plot more closely than was intended. Go for your kids and if you let yourself look through less adult eyes I'm sure this movie will bring to mind at least one fond memory to make you smile.
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By jaugars
Written June 17, 2011
It was terrible dissapointment!!!!!!!!!!!!!movie it was not funny nothing do not go see it !!!!!!!!!! Baddd I will hive it a - 1 for the movie rate
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fun fun fun

By cupcake-lady
Written June 13, 2011
We loved this movie, so fun to watch. My son is now motivated to have a not bummer summer:)
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