What parents need to know

Parents need to know that this big-screen adaptation of Megan McDonald's popular kids' books follows elementary schooler Judy Moody as she experiences a summer of fun that's fine for younger audiences, especially those familiar with the stories. The humor does veer toward the potty variety -- expect a couple of scatological words like "crap" and the sight of Judy covered in blue vomit and a toad peeing on her friend -- but otherwise there's not much that parents are likely to find objectionable. And Judy learns a valuable lesson: that having a meaningful summer isn't about ticking off "thrilling" activities on a chart but rather enjoying your family and each day's adventures.
  • Families can talk about Judy's summer goal and her jealousy of her best friends. Kids: Is it hard when it seems like your friends are going to have a more exciting vacation than you? What does Judy's story teach you about that?
  • How does this movie compare to other kids' book adaptations? Which are your favorites?
  • Even though Stink gets on Judy's nerves, they seem to have a better relationship than other movie siblings. How believable are their interactions?
  • Do you consider Aunt Opal to be a good role model for the kids? Do you have any relatives like her?
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