Music Spectacular- A Mix of Gospel & "Glee"

By LunaLovegood13
Written February 04, 2012
In the music spectacular "Joyful Noise," Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton play Vi Rose and GG, two singers in a Georgia church choir who clash over the management of the choir after the former leader and GG's husband dies. Vi Rose, a mother whose husband keeps going off to war, is overprotective as she nearly traps her daughter Olivia (Keke Palmer) from a fun life. GG's grandson Randy (the spectacular Jeremy Jordan) has been sent to Georgia due to his bad boy runs at various schools. He falls for Olivia, and they have an unrequited love story forbidden by the wary Vi Rose. Olivia's brother, a pre-teen with Aspergers, has some emotional moments that could make you cry. Over all, "Joyful Noise" deserves a so-so. It's got some funny moments, some sad moments, but the best part of the movie is the music. Fans of gospel and "Glee" will love this movie. You'll have the songs stuck in your head for days to follow. After seeing the movie, it will be essential to buy the CD. Final Grade: B+
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joyful noise

By expressmail
Written January 15, 2012
If you like great singers and acting go see. I rate this movie a A+. It has everything in it. a little humor, sadness and spiritualistic, I would pay to see it again. The song were great. Dolly did a fantastic job.
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Joyful Noise

By WWGrandmaJ
Written January 30, 2012
A fun, feel-good movie you could enjoy sitting with your Mother! The music is upbeat, the story is a bit predictable, but hey! why-not be entertained with a happy movie that leaves you humming as you leave? I laughed and cried, and will see it again when it comes out on DVD.
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Fun Movie!

By dvonballmoos
Written January 19, 2012
If you like musicals and Queen Latifah, you'll love this movie. The singing is great, especially by the two younger kids. Keke was in the audience of our theater as a nice bonus. The only sad part was having to see Dolly Parton's botched plastic surgery... why don't people just age gracefully?
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Joyful Noise

By RalphVaccaro
Written January 15, 2012
I wanted to see this movie because the restaurant scene was shot close to where I live and I actually went over and got pictures of Queen Latifa. I really wasn't expecting from the movie much but Latifa and Parton are great together. Latifa's daughter and Parton's grandson make for an interesting story. The impact Partons grandson has on Latifa's son is heartwarming. Forget what the critics say, this is a great movie. You laugh, you cry and get to listen to some awesome singing by the choir. A few unpleasant words if your bringing small chilren, otherwise a feel good movie for the whole family. I would see this one again!
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