Joyce Barbour
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1900

Worked With

Year Name Title
1953 Tutte Lemkow The Captain's Paradise
1953 Andrea Malandrinos The Captain's Paradise
1953 Peter Bull The Captain's Paradise
1953 Miles Malleson The Captain's Paradise
1953 Celia Johnson The Captain's Paradise
1953 Yvonne De Carlo The Captain's Paradise
1953 Sebastian Cabot The Captain's Paradise
1953 Alec Guinness The Captain's Paradise
1953 Bill Fraser The Captain's Paradise
1952 Martita Hunt It Started in Paradise
1952 Ian Hunter It Started in Paradise
1952 Jane Hylton It Started in Paradise
1952 Dana Wynter It Started in Paradise
1952 Bill Travers It Started in Paradise
1952 Kay Kendall It Started in Paradise
1949 Basil Radford Stop Press Girl
1949 Kenneth More Stop Press Girl
1949 Naunton Wayne Stop Press Girl
1949 Percy Walsh Stop Press Girl
1949 Arthur Lowe Stop Press Girl
1949 Sally Ann Howes Stop Press Girl
1949 Gordon Jackson Stop Press Girl
1949 Sam Kydd Stop Press Girl
1949 James Robertson Justice Stop Press Girl
1944 Moore Marriott Don't Take It to Heart
1944 Richard Greene Don't Take It to Heart
1944 Patricia Medina Don't Take It to Heart
1944 Ernst Thesiger Don't Take It to Heart
1944 John Salew Don't Take It to Heart
1940 Roddy McDowall Saloon Bar
1940 O.B. Clarence Saloon Bar
1940 Torin Thatcher Saloon Bar
1940 Eliot Makeham Saloon Bar
1940 Roddy Hughes Saloon Bar
1940 Felix Aylmer Saloon Bar
1940 Gordon Harker Saloon Bar
1940 Mervyn Johns Saloon Bar
1938 Kynaston Reeves Housemaster
1938 Cecil Parker Housemaster
1938 Otto Kruger Housemaster
1937 Tom Walls For Valor
1937 Alan Napier For Valor
1936 Charles Hawtrey Sabotage
1936 Oscar Homolka Sabotage
1936 Martita Hunt Sabotage
1936 Peter Bull Sabotage
1936 Sylvia Sidney Sabotage
1936 Torin Thatcher Sabotage
1920 Huntly Gordon Enchantment
1920 Marion Davies Enchantment
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