Joy Behar
Birth Place:
Brooklyn, New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Jennifer Lopez Ice Age: Continental Drift
2012 Ray Romano Ice Age: Continental Drift
2012 Wanda Sykes Ice Age: Continental Drift
2012 Patrick Stewart Ice Age: Continental Drift
2012 Queen Latifah Ice Age: Continental Drift
2012 Denis Leary Ice Age: Continental Drift
2012 John Leguizamo Ice Age: Continental Drift
2011 Christina Applegate Hall Pass
2011 Richard Jenkins Hall Pass
2011 Owen Wilson Hall Pass
2009 Rosie O'Donnell The Laff Zone
2009 Tim Allen The Laff Zone
2009 Bill Hicks The Laff Zone
2003 Robert Klein Bitter Jester
2003 Whoopi Goldberg Bitter Jester
2003 Gilbert Gottfried Bitter Jester
2003 Richard Belzer Bitter Jester
2003 Phyllis Diller Bitter Jester
2003 Chevy Chase Bitter Jester
2003 George Carlin Bitter Jester
2003 Jerry Stiller Bitter Jester
2003 Peter Boyle Bitter Jester
2003 Ray Romano Bitter Jester
2003 Tony Roberts Bitter Jester
2003 Vincent Schiavelli Bitter Jester
2003 Richard Pryor Bitter Jester
2003 Terry Jones Bitter Jester
2003 Jay Mohr Last Comic Standing: Season 01
1997 Cynthia Nixon The "M" Word
1997 Rosie O'Donnell The View [TV Series]
1997 Whoopi Goldberg The View [TV Series]
1993 Diane Keaton Manhattan Murder Mystery
1993 Juliet Taylor Manhattan Murder Mystery
1993 Anjelica Huston Manhattan Murder Mystery
1993 Aida Turturro Manhattan Murder Mystery
1993 Ron Rifkin Manhattan Murder Mystery
1993 Alan Alda Manhattan Murder Mystery
1993 Woody Allen Manhattan Murder Mystery
1992 Dan Aykroyd This Is My Life
1992 Samantha Mathis This Is My Life
1992 Tim Blake Nelson This Is My Life
1992 Carrie Fisher This Is My Life
1992 Julie Kavner This Is My Life
1992 Caroline Aaron This Is My Life
1992 Juliet Taylor This Is My Life
1991 Joan Davis Wisecracks
1991 Ellen DeGeneres Wisecracks
1991 George Burns Wisecracks
1991 Marie Dressler Wisecracks
1991 Phyllis Diller Wisecracks
1991 Hattie McDaniel Wisecracks
1991 Louise Fazenda Wisecracks
1991 Carol Channing Wisecracks
1991 Betty Hutton Wisecracks
1991 Ronald Reagan Wisecracks
1991 Mae West Wisecracks
1991 Whoopi Goldberg Wisecracks
1991 Martha Raye Wisecracks
1991 Gracie Allen Wisecracks
1991 Fanny Brice Wisecracks
1991 Carol Burnett Wisecracks
1991 Eve Arden Wisecracks
1991 Lucille Ball Wisecracks
1989 Lionel Stander Cookie
1989 Bob Gunton Cookie
1989 Dianne Wiest Cookie
1989 Brenda Vaccaro Cookie
1989 Jerry Lewis Cookie
1989 Ricki Lake Cookie
1989 Michael Vincente Gazzo Cookie
1989 Peter Falk Cookie
1989 Emily Lloyd Cookie
1987 Annabeth Gish Hiding Out
1987 Jon Cryer Hiding Out
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