Loved the 3-D effects!!

By jessierican
Written March 15, 2008
I had the opportunity to watch a cpecial screening of this film. Parents please take your children to see this movie. The 3-D effects are great. I enjoyed it very much!!
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JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH -- A Voyage that’s WORTH the effort! =

By jimchudnow
Written May 23, 2008
At an advance preview, star BRENDAN FRASER & Director ERIC BREVIG spoke glowingly of how nearly revolutionary their film was re being ground-breaking new technology. To my surprise, they were NOT exaggerating: the Real-D process involved shooting 3-D with new digital cameras providing exceptional depth to objects and action, with the finished product provided on a hard drive for projection. It was so effective, I was caused to FLINCH 2 or 3 times because of the REALISM of unexpected things flying out ‘at’ me. The simple story has some great special-effects as science professor Brendan, his nephew (played by JOSH HUTCHERSON) & their Icelandic guide (ANITA BRIEM) seek info about the nephew’s father-- leading them to a Jules Verne world of giant flowers, dinosaurs and other creatures and adventures. The actors provide a well-done believable base to the often-amazing story. It’s a FUN fantasy, likely to be in the forefront of a new wave of films offered with sense-expanding effects.
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A must see!

By briscob
Written June 25, 2008
Saw this tonight at an advanced preview - Brenden, Josh and Eric Brevig were all there. The movie was better than I could have expected. The 3D technology was great! Better than that though - the movie never lagged. Every piece of the plot was woven together beautifully with no lags and no rush at the end to finish within an allotted time. Great movie for all ages - some intense scenes at time though for a total of 5 minutes interspersed throughout the film. The actors in the movie were fabulous. Congratulations to Eric Brevig in his feature film debut. I will definitely look for more movies by this guy!
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Journey to the Center of the Earth

By conradwsba1
Written August 21, 2008
This movie was full of adventure. I enjoyed this movie.
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Written May 18, 2008
5/16/2008 I just saw the press screening of this fun family fare. Both director Eric Brevig and star Brendan Fraser were there IN PERSON! They were accommodating and laid-back during the Q & A session. THANKS to both Eric and Brendan for keep making good fun-filled healthy kids/family-oriented movies! The movie was conceived from start till finish as a 3-D film - so, go see it in a theater that is presenting it in 3-D. The 3-D effects were MANY. The sets were LUSH and DETAILED. And CGIs were very realistic. This thrilling seat-gripping movie has a simple plot loosely based on Jules Verne's novel that supplied the basic backbone and skeletons to LOTS of action packed into 1.5 hour of healthy hearty family fun. Both kids and their parents (or uncles, aunts, etc.) should enjoy it. Go see it - let the movie take you on a roller-coaster FUN ride! Grade : B- (THANKS Brendan for autographing my novel - that was immensely KIND and GRACIOUS of you. Much appreciated.) :-)
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