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Timepass, Boring at times, numerously repeated same old story

By room_nj
Written February 12, 2012
Slowmotion added unneccessarily and made people further worthless. Theater was almost empty on Saturday in center of the City. Pls. don't make the third movie in this series, or make that little worthwhile.
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A must see

By D C Jones
Written February 11, 2012
If you like adventure, the unexpected, and a full on shot of adrenaline go see this movie. If you have the opportunity see it in IMAX. Wayne Johnson, showed some hidden talents in this movie. The FX was great, story works for any audience so bring the kids.
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Great Effects, plot not so

By LaFiebre
Written February 13, 2016
The movie was very entertaining mainly because of special effects. The plot was OK, a little blunt or off at times. Many of the scenes were well put for 3D. IMAX 3D was a plus.
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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 3D

By speeddemongrandma
Written February 22, 2012
I took my grandchildren, ages 12 and 8, to see this movie. We were eager to find out if it lived up to Journey to the Center of the Earth and it did! It had the same exciting scenes that kept us glued to the screen and, at times, practically falling off of our seats. There was humor to go along with the adventure and who knew that Vin Deisal could sing! That was a pleasant surprise. We're hoping that another sequal will follow. This movie would lose some of its appeal if not seen in 3D. So, spend a couple of dollars more to get the IMAX 3D experience. It's well worth it. speeddemongrandma
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Journey2: The Mysterious Island

By jcjones5
Written February 23, 2012
My daugther and I saw this movie last night on IMAX and loved it! Dwayne Johnson is hysterical with his "peck popping". The acting was great, it was funny and very enjoyable. It is a good family movie that is funny and touching.
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