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Journey 2 the Mysterious Island

By wdb44
Written May 06, 2015
Great fantasy film for kids and adults. The 3D technology is the best we've seen yet. The special effects are excellent - I want one of those big bees! This is the kind of film that 3D-IMAX is made for. If you are looking for serious drama, don't go, but if you want an hour and a half escape into an entertaining 3D world with an amusing story, Journey 2 the Mysterious Island is for you.
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Visually entertaining

By Volvolady
Written May 26, 2016
A real get-away-adventure for the whole family. If you enjoyed Jurassic Park & Avatar, you will enjoy this "feel good" adventure with the hilarious "The Rock" Johnson.
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I like fantasy action films, but you won't find much fantasy here, and the action bogs down in the script

By wildthings
Written February 20, 2012
Good action fantasy creates new worlds that, when we enter into them, have their own compelling logic, within which the action unfolds and the characters evolve. Presumably that's because good action fantasy writers care about the integrity of the worlds they create and possess some degree of creativity. Unfortunately, none of that's in evidence in this limp swipe at the pockets of ticket buyers. I remember seeing the original Mysterious Island at a drive-in. Cheesy script and tacky effects, but it was energetic and FUN and yes, that giant crab was SCARY. You had the sense that the actors and director were giving it their all. This film exudes indifference. The only mystery is why Josh Hutcherson keeps getting roles. Vanessa Hudgens didn't have much to do but be lovely, but she does that with a degree of warmth that contrasts painfully with both of of Hutcherson's frozen expressions -- resentful, and chastised.
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By Pgonz000
Written February 21, 2012
the movie was good, the whole story very interesting. 3D affects great. i do get the feeling there will be a part 3.. never saw part 1, but its a two thumbs up movie.
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Good job on the 3D

By ibkliewer
Written February 13, 2012
I saw this on IMAX 3D and they did a great job! I still love the first one more, but this one was definitely entertaining. It was entertaining enough to keep my three young nieces and nephew still the entire move with enough adult humor to keep the 4 adults laughing and engaged. Really loved it! The story line was decent and the action made up for where it lacked a bit. I would have liked to seen a bit better acting out of a couple of the actors, but the rest of them definitely made up for what I thought was a less than stellar performance by two. They could have tied this one into the first one a touch better, but then I don't think they would have done it in only 1.5 hours which I find is the max time young kids can sit still for. Good family movie.
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