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Harmless fun, with good cgi effects

By baryton
Written October 23, 2016
This was enjoyable enough. Verne-ians will enjoy it more than most. I think I would have enjoyed it better if I hadn't seen it in 3-D. The effects were a bit annoying.
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Journey 2

By importslife
Written July 29, 2016
Only if all movies were IMAX 3D. Loved the movie. The only thing it was to short 1 hour 30 mins is not long enough they cut a lot off the finish product.
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Bit Disappointing But Worth Every Penny

By johnford1cflrrcom
Written September 26, 2016
I would have liked to see a bit more special effects especially the bee scenes were the best part of the movie. Swimming down to the sub a bit unbelieveable but hey its the movies! Overall the picture was good and for me could have had a rating of G very clean not a bad word nor even something that could be taken more than one way. Rock as the producer has hit a home run in that he did not stoop to any thing that would be misunderstood and today's movies are not worth going too most of the time. We need more like this movie so perhapos he should be in the business and make more just like this one.
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Journey 2 Awesome Adventure!!

By 1953movies
Written February 25, 2017
Fabulous experience in IMAX as always. I thought the special effects were amazing with many "ooh" and "aah" moments and jump in your seat moments too. Giant lizards sure have come a long way from the 50's and the special elephant scene is not to be missed!!! Love seeing Michael Caine do anything and he was a great addition to the family as Grandpa. Missed Brendan Fraser but Dwayne Johnson sure was a fantastic choice for new character. Thought the entire cast did a great job and made my daughter and I believe we were really on the Mysterious Island!! Using fandango and having our tickets ahead of time made it a snap to get our snacks and head right to our seats...for fun with the family go see Journey 2 and just enjoy!!!
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Great visual effects

By CarharttFitch
Written May 30, 2016
went to the 12:01a show on Friday morning - only 2 people in the theater - visual effects were good - sure wish they come out with room vibrations a key points soon - make the IMAX/3D experience like an amusement ride - wait for video to come out - unless you want that full IMAX/3D experience
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