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IMAX and 3D Great show!!

By aking1980
Written February 22, 2012
Took my 3 kids with me, ages 6, 10, and 10, and they absolutely loved it! They are hoping there is a third one coming out, after the comments made at the end of this movie. I enjoyed it and laughed through quite a bit of it, even caught myself jumping and yelping at a couple of parts, too! Would definitely suggest seeing this movie!
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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

By mqc
Written February 20, 2012
It was worth seeing, especially in iMAX with the 3D. The cinematography was very well done and Michael Kane was awesome. It's a the perfect movie to take a teenager child to since it may inspire them to read some the Jules Verne books.
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So so

By riodealer
Written February 11, 2012
This movie has Tweens in mind. Adults will not enjoy it too much
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Good movie, beware the glasses.

By cleanwater
Written February 23, 2012
This was a good movie, funny, good special effects. It does the job. Great for kids. No Oscars in the future. However, a disturbing new trend with the 3-D glasses. Instead of new glasses they are apparently washing the old ones in a large roll-around dishwashing rack which is fine as far as recycling, save the planet etc. Or rather it would be fine if the glasses came out clean. Every pair had residue spots, totally lousy washing job with zero quality control. They just don't care. I took mine in the mens room and cleaned them and had a great movie experience. No big deal. But to roll out literally hundreds of pairs of lousy glasses to choose from is unacceptable. I know plenty of people started watching the movie and said "What the heck?" They were all bad. Good movie though.
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Very Entertaining!!!

By mmantsch
Written February 20, 2012
It is a great family movie. My kids 14 and 18 even enjoyed it!!!
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