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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Synopsis
Sean Anderson and his new stepfather find an island of secrets, strange life forms and gold.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Lisa Schwarzbaum
The movie flies by pleasantly, and is then instantly forgettable. Perhaps Jules Verne can explain the science of that.
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Miami Herald

By Connie Ogle
The second installment in a likable family franchise, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island makes a nice case to your kids that reading books is...
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Roger Ebert
This is transcendently goofy. It isn't a "good" movie in the usual sense (or most senses), but it is jolly and good-natured, and Michael...
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
It's a thoroughly family-friendly film, with a subtle message about the importance of father figures. Don't expect anything resembling...
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
If there's a book-loving adventuress or adventurer in your house younger than 10, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island provides a lighthearted...
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This is a family movie, after all -- but you'll have to sit through some abrasively broad, unfunny exchanges to get there. Dialogue, alas,...
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The Hollywood Reporter

As the band of adventurers skips from one supersized Survivor-like challenge to the next, one can't help feeling the creative potential of...
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Wall Street Journal

By John Anderson
The island locale rings with reggae music regardless of its proximity to Jamaica, and any action sequence is rendered in painfully...
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Boston Globe

By Wesley Morris
Even by the unambitious standards of some children's movies and many movies that star Caine, this one has a difficult time making a case...
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Amy Biancolli
For a time, Journey 2 becomes a lost episode of "Lost," then it becomes "King Kong," minus the ape. Then it becomes a ukulele music video...
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A Warm, Kid-Friendly Film With Lots of Heart.

By Alon Patterson
You shouldn’t expect too much from this movie going in but you'll definitely find it worth seeing. Even given today's generation of overly stimulated kids, this movie won't elicit rasberries and...

very fun...

By skibum2k3
saw the movie last night. really like it but there were a few parts where the little one was a bit scared. overall it was a very fun movie....

Clean family adventure

By fourtadpoles
This movie was very worthy of good clean family viewers. Love the Rock and his strong character values. No foul language and positive relationship bonding. I also loved the special effects. Just a...

Wow - Fun, Exciting around every turn.

By RSTFamily
Wow - Fun, Exciting around every turn. A Movie Truly Made for 3D !!!!! Excellent. A movie for All ages...My wife and I saw it in IMAX - 3D. The movie kept us on the edge of our seats. It was...

The Overton4

By GidgettOverton
We Loved it!! It is great they are making must see movies that are suitable for families with small children!! And you get it all...Action, Adventure, Love Story, with GREAT actors/actress-Thank...

Good kids movie

By pikinliks
I took my nine year old yesterday and she liked it very much, The theater was filled with kids and parents who seemed to enjoy it as well. There was plenty of comic relief and I found myself laughing...

About What I Expected

By rhjessup363
I primarily went because a close friend wanted to see this movie. I had fairly low expectations going in. It ended up about what I expected, but to be fair there were some things worth noting....

Journey 2

By kj4v30701
If you Don't have to be a blood and guts movie person and want something you can take your kids to, then this is the movie to go to. 2 Thumbs up!...

A 3D wannbe

By ArtTeacherMom
I love Dwayne as the stepdad and seeing Josh grown up. Vanessa seemed lost and unevenly yoked as the sweetheart. Is it my imagination or was she taller than him? The kiss seemed like it was awkward. ...

Great followup

By hippichick63
This was a great followup to Journey to the center of the earth, love Luis Guzman soo funny and Michael Cain is Wonderful in anything that he does. And what can I say about the Rock, as usual this...

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Rated PG | For Some adventure action, and brief mild language
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Common Sense Media says Adventure sequel is clunky but has positive role models.
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