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Fast Paced Family Fun

By scottjsutton
Written February 11, 2012
Well paced action movie. Didn't get bogged down with "explanations", rather just moved swiftly forward. Family fun (no one dies)! Kind of like a Universal Studios ride.
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Great CLEAN movie!

By picaraperez
Written February 16, 2012
This movie is a great movie for adults and kids. My husband and I usually have to opt for animated movies on account of our 6-year-old but I had read another review saying that this movie has no curse words and mild action scenes so we decided to go see it with our son. We loved it and it wasn't too intense for our son either. I'm so glad to see that people still make movies that are clean and wholesome for the whole family. The Rock also played a great example of what a Step-Father should be...or any father for that matter.
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Adventurous with some laughs

By FilmFemmeFatale
Written February 12, 2012
I never read the book upon which the story is based, so I can't compare the two. I wouldn't have gone at all except that my mom and brother wanted to see it and I went along for the ride .. but it did have some fun, scary, exciting and edge of your seat segments. Loved the miniature elephant, jumped out of my seat more than once at the sudden appearance of other larger critters. We saw the 3D version which allowed for some fabulous 'in your face' effects. Michael Caine's character added some interest, and the playful animosity between his character and the bulky but affable actor playing the young boy's step father was humorous. Many of the larger island scenes were breathtaking and a second run through would probably allow me to catch a lot of things I missed the first time through. The ending was somewhat predictable, but I'd give it three out of five star for effort.
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By soxcited4j
Written February 11, 2012
I didn't realize this movie was going to be geared so much to the younger crowd as it was. If you have a 7-13 year old son this would be a great movie for them. That aside, a beautifully made movie!
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Journey 2 excitement

By fandango_sandy
Written February 15, 2012
Never like movies with a 2 in the title, but I love the Rock and all of the special effects made this a must go! Finally a 3D that actually used 3D effects - need more! Plus this fan enjoyed the story continuation of the excitement from 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' with Josh Hutcherson. I hope the next movie which they suggested, Josh will not be acting as a spoiled child even if he is playing a teenager. Josh grew up a lot in the first movie, not to act so spoiled in the 2nd. Michael Caine a man in his 70s as a savior by the most dramatic means that took great strength?? Director should have created a more believeable method for adults? Great for kids of any age, but too scary for the young ones.
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