Watching this film was torture

By film-fanatic
Written July 22, 2007
I saw the trailers for this film and was really excited about watching this movie. Let me tell you - THE TRAILER WAS BETTER than the film itself. The storyline and character development was very weak. I think the creators of this film should have revised the story and made it into a dark comedy rather than a dark "Omen" type movie. The whole time I was watching I kept wondering when the movie would pick up the pace - it was painfully slow throughout. One word comes to mind at the very end - CHEESE! It's like a bad Paul Anka song. Unless you were offered free admission and free concessions - DON'T waste the gas to go see this film!
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A Crying Shame

By Scottfb
Written July 12, 2007
Waaah!! This is not entertainment! the kid (Joshua) does a nice job in his role. It seems he is actually playing the piano, which is impressive (if you are his parents), but it does not make his playing good enough for prolonged use as a film score. It was an irritating morbid drone. There are other good actors involved in this flm---but---It goes nowhere for two hours. Far too much time is spent listening to screaming and crying after the new baby comes home; and that's from the Mom! The director and writer must have a strange concept of "perfect parents". They were each self absorbed and unnurturing; but not enough to justify the boy's dopey revenge. We should have been paid to sit through this mess.
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Slow Moving, Unconvincing.

By PaulEPratt
Written July 15, 2007
Previews suggest an intriguing combination of The Bad Seed and Damian, The Omen. At no point does Joshua ever develop for its title character the requisite and palpable malice evident in -- and necessary for elevating -- those classics. One scene -- a revelation in night-vision -- would seemingly lead to some interesting plot advancements. While it does, it takes on a mildly comedic overtone rather than advancing the expected fear factor. The kid simply outsmarts the adults, which makes for fairly unsympathetic heroic figures. While Joshua does manage to notch the intensity bit by bit, creating a few tense moments, overall the film disappoints.
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Joshua-Not so good or a super edge of the seat thriller?

By GothicBunny16
Written July 06, 2007
As a young girl, myself aging only thirteen years [fourteen on Dec 22] I believe that this movie is a /must see/ hit. ^^ I've always enjoyed Thrillers. ?
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Slow, annoying and poorly acted.

By Rychris
Written July 09, 2007
If you like hearing a baby cry for two hours, this is your movie.
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