Josh Hartnett
Date of Birth
Jul 21, 1978
Birth Place:
St. Paul, MN

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Gena Rowlands Parts Per Billion
2013 Frank Langella Parts Per Billion
2011 Robert Forster Girl Walks Into a Bar
2011 Carla Gugino Girl Walks Into a Bar
2011 Danny DeVito Girl Walks Into a Bar
2011 Michael Imperioli Stuck Between Stations
2010 Ron Perlman Bunraku
2010 Woody Harrelson Bunraku
2010 Demi Moore Bunraku
2008 Steve Carell American Breakdown
2008 James Gandolfini American Breakdown
2008 David Bowie August
2008 Rip Torn August
2008 Elias Koteas I Come With the Rain
2007 Danny Huston 30 Days of Night
2006 Pepe Serna The Black Dahlia
2006 Scarlett Johansson The Black Dahlia
2006 Brian De Palma The Black Dahlia
2006 Rose McGowan The Black Dahlia
2006 Fiona Shaw The Black Dahlia
2006 Aaron Eckhart The Black Dahlia
2006 Hilary Swank The Black Dahlia
2006 Mykelti Williamson Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Ben Kingsley Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Morgan Freeman Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Lucy Liu Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Stanley Tucci Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Bruce Willis Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Danny Aiello Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Alan Alda Resurrecting the Champ
2006 Samuel L. Jackson Resurrecting the Champ
2006 David Paymer Resurrecting the Champ
2005 Gary Cole Mozart and the Whale
2005 Powers Boothe Sin City
2005 Elijah Wood Sin City
2005 Rutger Hauer Sin City
2005 Bruce Willis Sin City
2005 Michael Clarke Duncan Sin City
2005 Clive Owen Sin City
2005 Nick Stahl Sin City
2005 Mickey Rourke Sin City
2005 Benicio Del Toro Sin City
2005 Michael Madsen Sin City
2005 Carla Gugino Sin City
2003 Keith David Hollywood Homicide
2003 Bruce Greenwood Hollywood Homicide
2003 Lolita Davidovich Hollywood Homicide
2003 Lena Olin Hollywood Homicide
2003 Martin Landau Hollywood Homicide
2003 Eric Idle Hollywood Homicide
2003 Robert Wagner Hollywood Homicide
2003 Lou Diamond Phillips Hollywood Homicide
2003 Harrison Ford Hollywood Homicide
2003 Anthony Mackie Hollywood Homicide
2002 Griffin Dunne 40 Days and 40 Nights
2002 Maggie Gyllenhaal 40 Days and 40 Nights
2002 Mary Gross 40 Days and 40 Nights
2001 Eric Bana Black Hawk Down
2001 Ewan McGregor Black Hawk Down
2001 Zeljko Ivanek Black Hawk Down
2001 Orlando Bloom Black Hawk Down
2001 Jason Isaacs Black Hawk Down
2001 Tom Sizemore Black Hawk Down
2001 Hugh Dancy Black Hawk Down
2001 Sam Shepard Black Hawk Down
2001 William Fichtner Black Hawk Down
2001 Ron Eldard Black Hawk Down
2001 Martin Sheen O
2001 John Heard O
2001 Julia Stiles O
2001 Alec Baldwin Pearl Harbor
2001 Peter Firth Pearl Harbor
2001 Ben Affleck Pearl Harbor
2001 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Pearl Harbor
2001 William Fichtner Pearl Harbor
2001 Kate Beckinsale Pearl Harbor
2001 Tom Sizemore Pearl Harbor
2001 Dan Aykroyd Pearl Harbor
2001 Mako Pearl Harbor
2001 Jennifer Garner Pearl Harbor
2001 Jon Voight Pearl Harbor
2001 Scott Wilson Pearl Harbor
2001 Garry Shandling Town & Country
2001 Andie MacDowell Town & Country
2001 Nastassja Kinski Town & Country
2001 Buck Henry Town & Country
2001 Diane Keaton Town & Country
2001 Charlton Heston Town & Country
2001 Goldie Hawn Town & Country
2001 Warren Beatty Town & Country
2000 Alan Rickman Blow Dry
2000 Rosemary Harris Blow Dry
2000 Rachel Griffiths Blow Dry
2000 Bill Nighy Blow Dry
2000 Natasha Richardson Blow Dry
2000 Chris Klein Here On Earth
2000 Leelee Sobieski Here On Earth
2000 Michael Rooker Here On Earth
2000 Bruce Greenwood Here On Earth
2000 Annette O'Toole Here On Earth
1999 Danny DeVito The Virgin Suicides
1999 Michael Paré The Virgin Suicides
1999 Kathleen Turner The Virgin Suicides
1999 Kirsten Dunst The Virgin Suicides
1999 James Woods The Virgin Suicides
1999 Giovanni Ribisi The Virgin Suicides
1999 Scott Glenn The Virgin Suicides
1998 Elijah Wood The Faculty
1998 Jon Stewart The Faculty
1998 Salma Hayek The Faculty
1998 Piper Laurie The Faculty
1998 Bebe Neuwirth The Faculty
1998 Christopher McDonald The Faculty
1998 Famke Janssen The Faculty
1998 Michelle Williams Halloween: H20
1998 Janet Leigh Halloween: H20
1998 Adam Arkin Halloween: H20
1998 Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween: H20
1997 R. Lee Ermey Cracker [TV Series]
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