Josh Groban ATE Artist's cut

By brown16
Written May 02, 2016
I saw the live broadcast in February, but this version was better for several reasons. The sound balance gave Josh's voice more prominence. In February the instruments were too loud. The added material about the making of All That Echoes was fascinating. It all seems so easy when I listen to a cd, but now I understand how much effort and fine tuning goes into making a fantastic cd. Seeing Josh on the big screen was a wonderful experience. His voice is maturing, and he's taking a few risks with range. It makes for a thrilling experience for his audience. I will definitely buy the dvd when it's available.
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Really Nice!

By adalphy
Written July 28, 2015
A great experience! Josh puts on a lovely show - not only do you get his amazing voice, but you also get to enjoy his quirky and fun personality. His band/orchestra are INCREDIBLE! A more talented group of musicians is not to be found. Both my husband and I really enjoyed it!
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All That Echoes Concert-Josh Groban

By KernalRabb
Written May 25, 2016
This was very fun to attend. He made us in the theaters throughout the US feel very much a part of the concert experience. He was funny, the songs were awesome, and the concert was very much enjoyed by all that were in our theater. Awesome!!!
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Sheila and Pam

By sheilarhonda
Written May 30, 2016
This was our second time see this movie, we loved it, his music is great and he is funny and nice man. You can hear the words he sings and understand what he is sing. His music has meaning. There is no foul language. His music is for all ages.
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great voice

By chdphd
Written April 29, 2016
...and loved the banter which he initiated on his own. Definitely did NOT like the Twits interrupting what otherwise was wonderful entertainment. I did not like paying my money to have the show interrupted by the impolite, ill-timed and immature questions and comments. If the Twits wish to converse and share their opinions it should not be done in the same venue as those who paid to hear and enjoy Josh Groban. Or any other artist. My "go" was not a "must go" for that reason.
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