Absolutely Wonderful!

By ghost5576
Written November 29, 2014
Josh is funny, warm, and engaging ... and that's when he ISN'T singing. When he is singing, there aren't adjectives to describe how amazing this show is. I truly wish that everyone could have this experience and that it would show more than once. I'd pay the money to see it again in a heartbeat. Thanks Josh for a wonderful night ... and a wonderful memory I can share with my mom, who was my guest for the evening.
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An Evening With Josh Groban

By rockrob61952
Written September 30, 2016
My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this "live" (well, actually it was live on the East coast and delayed here in the West) show that Josh Groban did from NY. It was the first time either of us had come to a theatre to see something other than a regular movie and we left feeling like it was a great way to see a performance such as this. We look forward to doing it again with other shows that are offered (i.e., Live From the Met, etc.). Despite the fact that our viewing was not actually "live", we definitely felt like we were seeing a live show in an intimate venue. But most importantly, Josh didn't disappoint in his performance!
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Love, love, loved it!

By julswhippet
Written September 26, 2016
This was a first for me and I will be attending many more! As for Josh, fantastic, funny, personable, and of course a voice of angels. We so enjoyed the concert, please do more!
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Jose Groban - "All that Echoes Live - 2/4/13

By moviesgreatfun
Written August 27, 2016
Hello! Took our grandson, a high school senior who will be performing at Carnegie Hall in New York on Februaray 10th, in the American High School Honors Series Concert, as a classical alto sax player. Not only did he enjoy the concert but was taken with Josh Groban utter genuines, charisma and super talent. He was impressed with the fact that Grovan concentrates on his music as Paul does. They actually resemble one another in looks! Please keep these venues up. I've always wanted to see Groban and last night provided a terrific opportunity! The theater audience was thrilled too! We all clapped! We all laughed! We all loved the presentation! And guess what! I was praying and hoping he would sing "Smile" --- everyone in the theater was so moved and I was beyond grateful. By the way, his backup musicians were also beyond fantastic!!!!!
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Great Time with Josh

By kkjewell
Written May 25, 2016
Thoroughly enjoyed the theater experience of seeing Josh Groban in NYC live. His personality shined with the text questions he answered. The big theater sound was wonderfull.
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