Double check times

By Patty47
Written February 09, 2016
Conflicting times on website and ticket caused me to miss ten minutes of the show, but Josh Groban was very entertaining. Opera tickets are a better buy. The concert flew by, and I could have listened for another 90 minutes. An encore would have been much appreciated!
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Complete disappointment:

By robb2k
Written September 30, 2016
Maybe not Groban's "fault", but experience overall was disappointing. The advertised "live" event started 45 minutes late, only AFTER the theater (Hoffman Center in Northern VA) rewound some of the footage....and not even to the beginning. Would not trust Fathom Events or AMC again after this experience.
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What a treat to see and hear John Groban up close and personal!!

By begordon42
Written January 18, 2017
First experience at a concert in a movie theatre. We loved it and were very amused and impressed with the contact he made with the movie theatre audience making it seem like we were there. Felt we got more enjoyment than actually being there, certainly better seats and more affordable for us! We'll be watching for more upcoming theatre concerts!
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Josh Groban Live

By Trishpop49
Written February 05, 2013
Other than the problem with the Theater or a problem with the feed to the Theater joining the event late......(.the show started in the middle of Josh singing Brave ) it was a great event. I want more Josh Groban on the BIG screen in the near future. Thank You for bring Josh to a theater near me in Little Rock, Arkansas.
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Josh Groban

By Big ear
Written October 26, 2016
I thought the show would be in High Definition but it wasn't. It could've been better quality. The show was excellent but it could've done without the question and answer segments.
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