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Great Show

By ladyev777
Written July 30, 2014
I love Josh Groban !!!! This show was awesome. The only thing I would have like was more songs added from his other albums " "your still you", and may I add "you are loved" because I cant get enough of him. I ordered the album today though I was so low in my account but I don't care. God truly blessed with an voice of an angel such a talent. He is also so funny. If I had the money I would have gone to New York to see him. He is in my hometown. Do I need to say more ..... MUAH.
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Best theatre might not guarantee best auditorium

By indiefilm_buff
Written September 18, 2014
Seeing a live (or tape delayed) concert in the comfort of a movie theatre when you can't attend the event was a great idea and was a nice viewing experience (esp. when its Josh.) However, when only one auditorium is being reserved per theatre for one night only, why isn't FATHOM arranging with participating theatres to make sure to put their broadcasted CONCERT events in their best auditoriums? (i.e.; the IMAX, HD, or other THX Dolby Digital if available). If not for the viewing experience, these auditoriums have customized surround sound systems that are supposed to sound amazing. Most of what you're promoting is performing arts and music which is meant to be seen and HEARD. My concert was in an auditorium that didn't even have DDSS when the theatre I attended offered it, which was disheartening. It took away from what could have been an even more amazing show to hear so differently. This was my only reservation. I'll always treasure seeing Josh live and meeting him in NYC!
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Josh Groban ATE Artist's cut

By brown16
Written July 30, 2014
I saw the live broadcast in February, but this version was better for several reasons. The sound balance gave Josh's voice more prominence. In February the instruments were too loud. The added material about the making of All That Echoes was fascinating. It all seems so easy when I listen to a cd, but now I understand how much effort and fine tuning goes into making a fantastic cd. Seeing Josh on the big screen was a wonderful experience. His voice is maturing, and he's taking a few risks with range. It makes for a thrilling experience for his audience. I will definitely buy the dvd when it's available.
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By aspca19
Written February 08, 2013
I loved it . Josh has an amazing voice and seeing in on the screen singing was so neat. i hope he does it again with his next cd!!!
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Video Quality

By careycom
Written February 08, 2013
This was the first Fandango event I have attended in a movie theater. Josh Groban put on a fantastic concert. His singing was excellent and he had a wonderful backdrop on Columbus Circle. The reason my wife and I attended was to get the great sound that a movie theater can provide and we were not disappointed. THE VIDEO WAS HORRIBLE!! There were horizontal lines moving up across the screen which were very distracting. The lighting was atrocious. There were blue shadows across the performers faces that made them look like Smurfs at times. There were times that the stage seemed to engulfed in smoke or fog. I expected to at least get movie quality video. It was worth hearing this concert and finding out a few facets of his life but the video sure brought the total experience down
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