All that Echoes

By CRamskill
Written September 29, 2016
My daughter and I can still hear the beautiful songs Josh and his incredible voice sang last night (partly because we know many of the songs and partly because I went out on release day and bought the limited edition CD!). I love this new(ish) idea of bringing the arts to the local cinematic theaters because I'm not likely to be in New York to be able to see great concerts, operas, or plays. Here, the camera shots get close up opera glasses or binoculars needed at our theaters!! Loved the concert. Looking forward to doing this again.
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Overall Great Experience despite Technical Difficulties

By anthonynmarcella
Written September 26, 2016
Josh Groban is amazing! We would have enjoyed it more if it were broadcast in HD and with surround sound. Josh even commented during the concert "I wonder how I sound in 5.1 surround?" Well, we don't know either! We won't bother with another Fathom event unless we know for sure it will be in HD and with surround sound.
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Josh Groban Live

By dramamama21
Written October 22, 2016
Josh Groban was so entertaining form his beautiful music to his banter with the questions. It was well worth the trip to the theatre. Wish he had done an encore but other than that-it was great!! Cannot wait to see him live again in concert. Looking forward to All That Echoes CD.
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By jtmg1949
Written May 25, 2016
Josh seemed so at ease and his voice was magnificent. The only part we could have done without, were the silly questions. They were a waste of time. We were all thrilled to be a part of such a special evening.
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Josh Groban Live All That Echoes

By littlemouse1057
Written August 24, 2016
If this was the best Fathom Events can do? The criticizm is all technical.Really bad sound engineering!There was no sense of "presence" in the experiance; I felt like I was watching a 20 ft HD TV screen with worst sound. There was no sound engineering involved or maybe the engineering that should have taken place in NYC at the Lincoln Center was inadequate I don't know where the failure was but the event was awful... Normally during a "PBS Great Performances" or "Live From Lincoln Center" performance the sound is balanced so even from your home HDTV a concert is still a wonderful show to watch from your living room sofa. This was awful. The theater I was watching in did not have all of the surround sound on. The engineering from NYC was tinny and harsh to listen to or over-reverbed in spots where the output sounded mangled. The camera direction was also amature-ish swinging all over the stage with harsh close ups and pull backs that I found very annoying. This is not Josh Groban
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