JOSH is soooo cute AND talented

By dblue4movies
Written July 29, 2016
this is quite a unique experience and I just had the best time! we saw Josh being serious and being silly and fun and young! His voice is even better than ever and I didn't have to invest a lot of money to get the LIVE experience!!!!!!!! Thanks to FANTOMEVENTS!!!
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By BarbS9
Written November 28, 2015
Josh Groban's live performance, the first I've seen in concert, was just like his songs: down to earth, sincere, real people. He moves you without going overboard. His "conversations" with the audience are off the cuff and fun. If he starts to get carried away, he catches himself and goes back to the laid back and relaxed style that makes you so very comfortable. Watching him perform makes you just feel good. He performed for an audience of all ages and everyone in our audience from small children to great-grandmothers loved him.
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Josh Groban Live: All That Echoes

By fizzbread
Written February 09, 2016
This was a fabulously entertaining show! Josh Groban fans know what he's like, but anyone would like this show. Great for all ages. The music was great! Josh is an incredible singer with a talented band. Great to hear different arrangements of Josh's songs with the band he had with him for this show. This show was promoting his new album and provided a great sampling of how rich and powerful the album is. He also sang some fan favorites. In this intimate setting you could hear some incredible arrangements of his work that really highlighted his band. Josh's demeanor is infectious. His sense of humor puts everyone at ease. The crowd was laughing out loud at his interaction with the audience & their questions. My theater crowd also clapped as if we were there. Concert was wonderful!! If you've never seen Josh Groban in concert, or even if you have, this is a must-see. I can't wait to see it again (hopefully soon!) on DVD.
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By fjablonski1945
Written May 04, 2016
it was wonderful. not only can josh sing, but he has a great since of humor. if you love his music, this a must see.
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Josh Groban at the Lennox Theatre Columbus Ohio

By brenda.wallace
Written July 24, 2016
Josh Groban Live at the Lennox Theatre was fantastic. His voice is truly the greatest. I am just sorry that more people were not there. If you could not be in New York live, then this is the next best thing!
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