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  • July 16, 2013
  • NR , 1 hr 40 min
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    Music/Performing Arts

If We Could Read Lips??

By debsterca63
Written July 17, 2013
Unfortunately the theater had audio issues so we could not see Josh Grogan. They tried to fix it, but was unable to do so. AMC returned our money plus gave us passes for another movie. AMC handled it well, but we were still disappointed.
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Josh Groban, All that Echoes Artist Cut

By whitefoot2
Written July 17, 2013
FANTASTIC!!!! Josh Groban was great. The show was very well done. The music and songs were perfect. The backdrop of NYC was incredible! Having a full orchestra and choir was phenomenal and well chosen. I liked that he introduced all the members of the orchestra and gave them credit for doing such a wonderful job. Josh Groban is an amazing talent (quite funny as well as a great singer!) and I would love to see more of his concerts tapes and played on the big screen. I had not been in a theater in over 20 years but went because I have wanted to see him in concert but have not been able to. This opportunity could not be missed and I am so glad I went. I took my granddaughter and a friend and both came away as Josh Groban fans. We look forward to attending more when available!
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all that echoes

Written July 17, 2013
go especially if you are not famliar with Josh...he will take your breathe away soon into the movie and stay for the 'behind the scenes' walk thru.... i am a fan now....looking forward to seeing him in person!
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Josh Groban Concert

By hope563
Written July 30, 2016
Loved the concert and footage afterwards on how the able came into being!
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Touching Treasure

By dreamerliz
Written July 17, 2013
I loved this to death. I went with a good friend and my daughter...a span of ages and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. It took you away to a happy place that you never wanted to leave. Now if I could just manage to see him in person. Josh Groban is a treasure! He isn't concerned about keeping up with the cool kids. He is living his dream and his passion. If more people could just be like that and make quality programs for the world to see!
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