Joseph W. Girard
Date of Birth
Apr 02, 1871
Birth Place:
Williamsport, PA

Worked With

Year Name Title
1944 Dick Rush Heavenly Days
1944 George H. Reed Heavenly Days
1944 Gil Perkins Heavenly Days
1944 Bryant Washburn Heavenly Days
1944 Raymond Walburn Heavenly Days
1944 Edwin Stanley Heavenly Days
1944 Wilbur Mack Heavenly Days
1944 Teddy Infuhr Heavenly Days
1944 John Ince Heavenly Days
1944 Edward Peil Sr. Heavenly Days
1944 Eugene Pallette Heavenly Days
1944 Bert Moorhouse Heavenly Days
1941 Creighton Hale Sergeant York
1941 Noah Beery, Jr. Sergeant York
1941 Ward Bond Sergeant York
1941 June Lockhart Sergeant York
1941 George Irving Sergeant York
1941 Si Jenks Sergeant York
1941 Howard Da Silva Sergeant York
1941 Frank Faylen Sergeant York
1941 Kit Guard Sergeant York
1941 Walter Brennan Sergeant York
1941 Elisha Cook, Jr. Sergeant York
1941 Gary Cooper Sergeant York
1941 George Tobias Sergeant York
1941 Margaret Wycherly Sergeant York
1941 Gig Young Sergeant York
1941 Joe Sawyer Sergeant York
1941 Stanley Ridges Sergeant York
1941 Ray Teal Sergeant York
1941 Tully Marshall Sergeant York
1941 Frank Marlowe Sergeant York
1941 Joan Leslie Sergeant York
1941 Gaylord "Steve" Pendleton Sergeant York
1941 Dickie Moore Sergeant York
1941 Charles B. Middleton Sergeant York
1940 Victor Jory The Green Archer [Serial]
1940 Kit Guard The Green Archer [Serial]
1939 Andy Clyde Crashing Thru
1939 Iron Eyes Cody Crashing Thru
1939 Roy Barcroft Crashing Thru
1939 Dave "Tex" O'Brien Crashing Thru
1939 Milburn Stone Crashing Thru
1939 Warren Hull Crashing Thru
1939 Fay Wray Navy Secrets
1939 Duke York Navy Secrets
1939 George Sorel Navy Secrets
1939 William Von Brincken Navy Secrets
1939 Dewey Robinson Navy Secrets
1939 Merrill McCormack Ride 'em Cowgirl
1939 Stanley Price Ride 'em Cowgirl
1939 William H. Ruhl Tough Kid
1939 Lew Kelly Tough Kid
1939 Ralph Peters Tough Kid
1939 Frankie Darro Tough Kid
1939 Wilbur Mack Tough Kid
1938 Bob McKenzie Held for Ransom
1938 Jack Mulhall Held for Ransom
1938 Lew Meehan Whirlwind Horseman
1938 Ken Maynard Whirlwind Horseman
1938 Dave "Tex" O'Brien Whirlwind Horseman
1938 Glenn Strange Whirlwind Horseman
1937 Horace Murphy The Mystery of the Hooded Horseman
1937 Tex Ritter The Mystery of the Hooded Horseman
1937 Hank Worden The Mystery of the Hooded Horseman
1937 Charles King The Mystery of the Hooded Horseman
1937 Tex Palmer The Mystery of the Hooded Horseman
1937 Hal Taliaferro The Rangers Step in
1937 Lew Meehan The Rangers Step in
1937 Tex Palmer The Rangers Step in
1937 Jack Rockwell The Rangers Step in
1937 Bela Lugosi S.O.S. Coast Guard [Serial]
1937 Ralph Byrd S.O.S. Coast Guard [Serial]
1937 Roy Barcroft S.O.S. Coast Guard [Serial]
1937 Thomas Carr S.O.S. Coast Guard [Serial]
1937 Herbert Rawlinson S.O.S. Coast Guard [Serial]
1937 Buddy Roosevelt S.O.S. Coast Guard [Serial]
1937 Duke York S.O.S. Coast Guard [Serial]
1937 Si Jenks A Tenderfoot Goes West
1937 John Ince A Tenderfoot Goes West
1937 Glenn Strange A Tenderfoot Goes West
1937 Ralph Byrd A Tenderfoot Goes West
1936 Tim McCoy Aces and Eights
1936 Jon Hall The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 Milburn Morante The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 Jack Mulhall The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 Harry "Snub" Pollard The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 Yakima Canutt The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 Reed Howes The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 Bryant Washburn The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 Mae Busch The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 Franklin Farnum The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 William Farnum The Clutching Hand [Serial]
1936 John Wayne The Oregon Trail
1936 Ben Hendricks, Jr. The Oregon Trail
1936 Edward J. Le Saint The Oregon Trail
1936 Ann Rutherford The Oregon Trail
1936 Yakima Canutt The Oregon Trail
1936 J.P. McGowan Ride 'em Cowboy
1936 Buck Jones Ride 'em Cowboy
1935 Frank McCarroll Blazing Guns
1935 Franklin Farnum Frontier Justice
1935 Hoot Gibson Frontier Justice
1935 Fred "Snowflake" Toones Frontier Justice
1935 Charles King His Fighting Blood
1935 Ben Hendricks, Jr. His Fighting Blood
1935 Frank O'Connor His Fighting Blood
1935 Paul Fix His Fighting Blood
1935 Frank LaRue His Fighting Blood
1935 Charles King The Ivory-Handled Gun
1935 Carl Stockdale The Ivory-Handled Gun
1935 Lee Shumway The Ivory-Handled Gun
1935 Walter Miller The Ivory-Handled Gun
1935 Buck Jones The Ivory-Handled Gun
1935 Charlotte Wynters The Ivory-Handled Gun
1935 Frank Coghlan, Jr. Kentucky Blue Streak
1935 Cornelius Keefe Kentucky Blue Streak
1935 Tim McCoy The Outlaw Deputy
1935 Si Jenks The Outlaw Deputy
1935 Cliff Lyons Outlawed Guns
1935 Monte Montague Outlawed Guns
1935 Pat O'Brien Outlawed Guns
1935 Charles King Outlawed Guns
1935 Carl Stockdale Outlawed Guns
1935 Lee Shumway Outlawed Guns
1935 Buck Jones Outlawed Guns
1935 Jack Rockwell Outlawed Guns
1935 Jack Rockwell The Tonto Kid
1935 Murdock MacQuarrie The Tonto Kid
1934 Walter Miller The Fighting Trooper
1934 Nelson McDowell The Fighting Trooper
1934 Milburn Morante The Fighting Trooper
1934 George Morrell The Fighting Trooper
1934 Charles King The Fighting Trooper
1934 Merrill McCormack The Fighting Trooper
1934 Dick Curtis The Fighting Trooper
1934 Art Ortego The Fighting Trooper
1934 Si Jenks Murder in the Museum
1934 Al Hill Murder in the Museum
1934 Henry B. Walthall Murder in the Museum
1933 Bob McKenzie The Fiddlin' Buckaroo
1933 Jack Rockwell The Fiddlin' Buckaroo
1933 Fred Kohler The Fiddlin' Buckaroo
1933 Ken Maynard The Fiddlin' Buckaroo
1933 Monte Blue Officer 13
1933 Jackie Searl Officer 13
1933 Lila Lee Officer 13
1933 Seena Owen Officer 13
1933 Mickey Rooney Officer 13
1933 Leo Carrillo Racetrack
1933 Huntly Gordon Racetrack
1933 Frank Coghlan, Jr. Racetrack
1933 Yakima Canutt Via Pony Express
1933 John St. Polis The World Gone Mad
1933 Pat O'Brien The World Gone Mad
1933 Neil Hamilton The World Gone Mad
1933 Huntly Gordon The World Gone Mad
1933 J. Carrol Naish The World Gone Mad
1933 Evelyn Brent The World Gone Mad
1933 Louis Calhern The World Gone Mad
1933 Mary Brian The World Gone Mad
1932 Berton Churchill The Big Stampede
1932 John Wayne The Big Stampede
1932 Noah Beery, Sr. The Big Stampede
1932 Ned Sparks The Crusader
1932 John St. Polis The Crusader
1932 Evelyn Brent The Crusader
1932 H.B. Warner The Crusader
1932 Charles King The Hurricane Express [Serial]
1932 Tully Marshall The Hurricane Express [Serial]
1932 John Farrell MacDonald The Hurricane Express [Serial]
1932 Glenn Strange The Hurricane Express [Serial]
1932 John Wayne The Hurricane Express [Serial]
1932 Andy Devine Radio Patrol
1932 Sidney Toler Radio Patrol
1932 Robert Armstrong Radio Patrol
1932 Lila Lee Radio Patrol
1932 Betty Furness Renegades of the West
1932 Max Wagner Renegades of the West
1932 Roscoe Ates Renegades of the West
1932 Tom Mix Texas Bad Man
1932 Fred Kohler Texas Bad Man
1932 Edward J. Le Saint Texas Bad Man
1932 George Magrill Texas Bad Man
1932 Franklin Farnum Texas Bad Man
1932 Duncan Renaldo Trapped in Tia Juana
1932 Dot Farley Trapped in Tia Juana
1931 Mae Busch Defenders of the Law
1931 Kit Guard Defenders of the Law
1931 Paul Panzer Defenders of the Law
1931 Buck Jones Desert Vengeance
1931 Ed Brady Desert Vengeance
1931 Davison Clark Dishonored
1931 Victor McLaglen Dishonored
1931 Gustav von Seyffertitz Dishonored
1931 Ethan Laidlaw Dishonored
1931 George Irving Dishonored
1931 Marlene Dietrich Dishonored
1931 Buddy Roosevelt Dishonored
1931 William Powell Dishonored
1931 Warner Oland Dishonored
1931 Jean Arthur The Gang Buster
1931 Wynne Gibson The Gang Buster
1931 Jack Oakie The Gang Buster
1931 John Ince Is There Justice?
1931 Walter Brennan Is There Justice?
1931 Henry B. Walthall Is There Justice?
1931 Bryant Washburn Mystery Train
1931 Hedda Hopper Mystery Train
1931 Jack Richardson Mystery Train
1931 Richard Talmadge Scareheads
1931 King Baggot Scareheads
1931 Pat O'Malley The Sky Spider
1931 Glenn Tryon The Sky Spider
1931 Beryl Mercer The Sky Spider
1931 Lewis Stone Strictly Dishonorable
1931 Sidney Toler Strictly Dishonorable
1931 Paul Lukas Strictly Dishonorable
1930 Ann Harding Girl of the Golden West
1930 Ben Hendricks, Jr. Girl of the Golden West
1930 John Farrell MacDonald Girl of the Golden West
1930 Johnny Walker Girl of the Golden West
1930 George Irving Just Imagine
1930 Mischa Auer Just Imagine
1930 Hobart Bosworth Just Imagine
1930 Robert Keith Just Imagine
1930 Maureen O'Sullivan Just Imagine
1930 Ken Maynard Sons of the Saddle
1930 Jean Hersholt The Third Alarm
1930 Hobart Bosworth The Third Alarm
1930 Franklin Farnum The Third Alarm
1930 Anita Louise The Third Alarm
1930 Dot Farley The Third Alarm
1930 George "Slim" Summerville Troopers Three
1930 Roscoe Karns Troopers Three
1930 Elliott Nugent The Unholy Three
1930 Lon Chaney The Unholy Three
1930 Lila Lee The Unholy Three
1929 Monte Montague Courtin' Wildcats
1929 Hoot Gibson Courtin' Wildcats
1929 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams From Headquarters
1929 John Kelly From Headquarters
1929 Henry B. Walthall From Headquarters
1929 Pat Somerset From Headquarters
1929 Monte Blue From Headquarters
1929 Lola Lane The Girl from Havana
1929 George "Slim" Summerville King of the Rodeo
1929 Monte Montague King of the Rodeo
1929 Hoot Gibson King of the Rodeo
1929 Rod La Rocque One Woman Idea
1929 Françoise Rosay One Woman Idea
1929 Larry Steers Redskin
1929 Paul Panzer Redskin
1929 Richard Dix Redskin
1929 Tully Marshall Redskin
1928 Al St. John Hello Cheyenne
1928 Tom Mix Hello Cheyenne
1928 Alan Hale The Leatherneck
1928 Robert Armstrong The Leatherneck
1928 Lee Shumway The Leatherneck
1928 Jack Richardson The Leatherneck
1928 Fred Kohler The Leatherneck
1928 Raymond Hatton Partners in Crime
1928 William Powell Partners in Crime
1928 Jack Richardson Partners in Crime
1928 Mary Brian Partners in Crime
1928 Wallace Beery Partners in Crime
1928 George Irving Partners in Crime
1928 George Siegmann Stop That Man
1928 Arthur Lake Stop That Man
1928 Edward Everett Horton The Terror
1928 Louise Fazenda The Terror
1928 May McAvoy The Terror
1927 Raymond Hatton Fireman, Save My Child
1927 Wallace Beery Fireman, Save My Child
1927 Betty Compson The Ladybird
1927 Neil Hamilton The Shield of Honor
1927 Thelma Todd The Shield of Honor
1927 Raymond Hatton We're in the Navy Now
1927 Wallace Beery We're in the Navy Now
1927 Buck Jones Whispering Sage
1926 Richard Talmadge Doubling with Danger
1926 Tom Santschi Forlorn River
1926 Jack Holt Forlorn River
1926 Raymond Hatton Forlorn River
1926 Nelson McDowell Lightning Reporter
1926 Johnny Walker Lightning Reporter
1926 Milburn Morante Modern Youth
1926 Reed Howes The Night Owl
1925 Phyllis Haver Her Husband's Secret
1925 Ruth Clifford Her Husband's Secret
1925 Frankie Darro Her Husband's Secret
1925 Patsy Ruth Miller Her Husband's Secret
1925 Antonio Moreno Her Husband's Secret
1925 Tom Santschi The Pride of the Force
1925 Richard Talmadge Youth and Adventure
1924 Alphonse Martell After A Million
1924 Kenneth MacDonald After A Million
1924 Hedda Hopper Gambling Wives
1924 Edward Earle Gambling Wives
1924 Sidney Franklin In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter
1924 Charles Meredith In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter
1924 David Butler In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter
1924 Betty Blythe In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter
1924 George Sidney In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter
1924 Cyril Ring In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter
1924 Herbert Rawlinson Jack O'Clubs
1924 Esther Ralston Jack O'Clubs
1924 Richard Talmadge Laughing at Danger
1923 Fred Thomson The Eagle's Talons
1923 George Magrill The Eagle's Talons
1923 Milton Sills Legally Dead
1923 Shirley Mason Lovebound
1923 Billie Dove Soft Boiled
1923 Tom Mix Soft Boiled
1923 Edward Peil Sr. Three Jumps Ahead
1923 Tom Mix Three Jumps Ahead
1922 Hoot Gibson Step on It!
1919 Harry Carey Bare Fists
1918 Jack Mulhall The Brass Bullet
1918 Mae Murray The Bride's Awakening
1918 Jack Mulhall Danger, Go Slow
1918 Mae Murray Danger, Go Slow
1918 Lon Chaney Danger, Go Slow
1918 Ruth Clifford The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin
1918 Lon Chaney The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin
1918 Rupert Julian The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin
1917 Jean Hersholt '49 -'17
1917 Lon Chaney Hell Morgan's Girl
1916 Matt Moore 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
1916 King Baggot Man from Nowhere
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