• Released
  • March 26, 2012
  • (Additional screening: 04/04/12)
  • PG , 1 hr 50 min
  • Concert/Special Events

Joseph and the Amazin

By kathykhalsa
Written March 27, 2012
Your service is so poor! I did sign up with you to go see this...but it was cancelled! I emailed you and called you to let you know, waited for 30 + minutes on the phone to ask for a refund but there is no response...and then you emailed me "how did you like the show?" YIKES! I am NOT a fan of fandango.
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By mormond
Written April 05, 2012
Show was cancelled in 33908 area. Very disappointing for my Birthday girl.Still waiting for the refund for 4 tickets Please advise G N
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Joseph with Donny Osmond cancelled and Fandango has not yet refunded the ticket costs

By tcmitssr
Written March 27, 2012
I just received an invitation to write a review for Fandango for Joseph with Donny Osmond. The problem is the show was cancelled over a week ago when Donny was put on full vocal rest. As of a week now, Fandango, despite being immediately requested by me for a ticket refund has not even responded. However, they were kind enough to ask for a review. Here it is....Fandango is quick to charge your credit card but slow, perhaps bordering on impossible, to refund it!
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By Leblanc98
Written April 05, 2012
Was very disappointed to learn that the 04/04/12 production was cancelled. Was even more irritated that we were not notified of the cancellation. We found out when we arrived at AMC to see the production. Fandango, AMC or the the production company should have let people know that the show was cancelled, so I wouldnt have wasted my time trying to attend. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! Donny Osmond this is the 2nd show you have cancelled on us. Once in Vegas while you were performing with Marie 2 yrs ago in April and this one. Both shows were gifts for someones birthday, so needless to say, next time we will bypass your show and see something else!
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Joseph was a no-show!

By eorders467
Written March 28, 2012
Cancelled! I want my $85 refund!
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