José Zuñiga

Worked With

Year Name Title
2016 Raphael Sbarge The Duel
2016 Woody Harrelson The Duel
2015 Danny Glover Diablo
2015 Adam Beach Diablo
2013 Michael Imperioli The Call
2013 Halle Berry The Call
2012 John C. McGinley Burn Notice: Desperate Measures
2011 Annabeth Gish The Chaperone
2007 Julianne Moore Next
2007 Nicolas Cage Next
2007 Peter Falk Next
2007 Olivia Hussey Tortilla Heaven
2005 Pruitt Taylor Vince Constantine
2005 Rachel Weisz Constantine
2005 Shia LaBeouf Constantine
2005 Tilda Swinton Constantine
2005 Djimon Hounsou Constantine
2005 Keanu Reeves Constantine
2005 Peter Stormare Constantine
2000 Jennifer Tilly The Crew
2000 Richard Dreyfuss The Crew
2000 Casey Siemaszko The Crew
2000 Seymour Cassel The Crew
2000 Dan Hedaya The Crew
2000 Burt Reynolds The Crew
2000 Carrie-Anne Moss The Crew
2000 Sandra Bullock Gun Shy
2000 Liam Neeson Gun Shy
2000 Oliver Platt Gun Shy
2000 Richard Schiff Gun Shy
2000 Frank Vincent Gun Shy
2000 Anthony Michael Hall Happy Accidents
2000 Vincent D'Onofrio Happy Accidents
2000 Holland Taylor Happy Accidents
2000 Marisa Tomei Happy Accidents
2000 Tovah Feldshuh Happy Accidents
2000 Christopher Walken The Opportunists
2000 Tom Noonan The Opportunists
2000 Donal Logue The Opportunists
1998 Robert Klein Next Stop Wonderland
1998 Holland Taylor Next Stop Wonderland
1998 Hope Davis Next Stop Wonderland
1998 Philip Seymour Hoffman Next Stop Wonderland
1997 Steve Buscemi Con Air
1997 Colm Meaney Con Air
1997 John Malkovich Con Air
1997 John Cusack Con Air
1997 Dave Chappelle Con Air
1997 Nicolas Cage Con Air
1997 Mykelti Williamson Con Air
1997 Ving Rhames Con Air
1997 Rachel Ticotin Con Air
1997 Edie Falco Hurricane
1997 Heather Matarazzo Hurricane
1997 Louis Zorich Mad About You: Moody Blues
1996 Alex Rocco Mad About You: Outbreak
1996 Carroll O'Connor Mad About You: Outbreak
1996 Louis Zorich Mad About You: Outbreak
1996 Carol Burnett Mad About You: Outbreak
1996 Kevin Bacon Mad About You: Outbreak
1996 Gary Sinise Ransom
1996 Lili Taylor Ransom
1996 Mel Gibson Ransom
1996 Liev Schreiber Ransom
1996 Rene Russo Ransom
1996 Delroy Lindo Ransom
1996 Dan Hedaya Ransom
1996 Frances Fisher Striptease
1996 Armand Assante Striptease
1996 Ving Rhames Striptease
1996 Burt Reynolds Striptease
1996 Demi Moore Striptease
1995 Mira Sorvino Blue in the Face
1995 Jared Harris Blue in the Face
1995 Jim Jarmusch Blue in the Face
1995 Lily Tomlin Blue in the Face
1995 Harvey Keitel Blue in the Face
1995 Keith David Blue in the Face
1995 Roseanne Blue in the Face
1995 Michael J. Fox Blue in the Face
1995 Giancarlo Esposito Blue in the Face
1995 Madonna Blue in the Face
1995 Parker Posey Flirt
1995 Karen Sillas Flirt
1995 Elina Löwensohn Flirt
1995 Martin Donovan Flirt
1995 Michael Imperioli Flirt
1995 Hal Hartley Flirt
1995 Robert John Burke Flirt
1995 Harold Perrineau, Jr. Flirt
1995 Chris Cooper Money Train
1995 Wesley Snipes Money Train
1995 Woody Harrelson Money Train
1995 Aida Turturro Money Train
1995 Robert Blake Money Train
1995 Jennifer Lopez Money Train
1995 Giancarlo Esposito Smoke
1995 Harold Perrineau, Jr. Smoke
1995 Ashley Judd Smoke
1995 Forest Whitaker Smoke
1995 John Lurie Smoke
1995 William Hurt Smoke
1995 Harvey Keitel Smoke
1995 Stockard Channing Smoke
1995 Jared Harris Smoke
1995 Luis Guzman Stonewall
1995 Aida Turturro Stonewall
1994 Allison Janney The Cowboy Way
1994 Marg Helgenberger The Cowboy Way
1994 Ernie Hudson The Cowboy Way
1994 Kiefer Sutherland The Cowboy Way
1994 Christopher Durang The Cowboy Way
1994 Luis Guzman The Cowboy Way
1994 Dylan McDermott The Cowboy Way
1994 Woody Harrelson The Cowboy Way
1994 Spike Lee Crooklyn
1994 Alfre Woodard Crooklyn
1994 Delroy Lindo Crooklyn
1994 Vondie Curtis-Hall Crooklyn
1994 F. Murray Abraham Fresh
1994 Lawrence Bender Fresh
1994 Samuel L. Jackson Fresh
1994 Giancarlo Esposito Fresh
1994 Paul Giamatti NYPD Blue: You Bet Your Life
1994 Peter Boyle NYPD Blue: You Bet Your Life
1993 John Malkovich Alive
1993 Illeana Douglas Alive
1993 Ethan Hawke Alive
1993 Vincent Spano Alive
1993 Josh Lucas Alive
1992 Patti D'Arbanville Law & Order: Wedded Bliss
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