Jonathan Morgan Heit

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Sarah Jessica Parker Escape From Planet Earth
2013 William Shatner Escape From Planet Earth
2013 Ricky Gervais Escape From Planet Earth
2013 Brendan Fraser Escape From Planet Earth
2013 James Gandolfini Escape From Planet Earth
2013 Jane Lynch Escape From Planet Earth
2012 David Arquette Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky
2010 William Fichtner Date Night
2010 Mark Wahlberg Date Night
2010 Mark Ruffalo Date Night
2010 Steve Carell Date Night
2010 Tina Fey Date Night
2010 Topher Grace Valentine's Day
2010 Paul Williams Valentine's Day
2010 Anne Hathaway Valentine's Day
2010 Jennifer Garner Valentine's Day
2010 Hector Elizondo Valentine's Day
2010 Patrick Dempsey Valentine's Day
2010 Kathy Bates Valentine's Day
2010 Jamie Foxx Valentine's Day
2010 Queen Latifah Valentine's Day
2010 Shirley MacLaine Valentine's Day
2010 Julia Roberts Valentine's Day
2008 Jonathan Pryce Bedtime Stories
2008 Paul Dooley Bedtime Stories
2008 Courteney Cox Bedtime Stories
2008 Adam Sandler Bedtime Stories
2008 Guy Pearce Bedtime Stories
2008 Richard Griffiths Bedtime Stories
2008 Keri Russell Bedtime Stories
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