Jonas Brothers 3D movie

By Jonas_Girl_705
Written February 04, 2009
OMJ!!!!!!!!! i never seen it but i will the frist day it comes out XD i know its going 2 be good and i know im going 2 love it so if love the Jonas Brothers are a fan of them r something u have 2 see it XD u ask why well u want 2 hepl them are something go and see it XD i am XD lol Jonas Brothers all the way GO JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Don't Hate

By Luv2sing116
Written February 08, 2009
Everyone who is saying that people should not go to this movie because the Jonas Brothers are awful and that they are brain-washing kids (which by the way is the stupidest thing that I have ever heard because it's not up to you to tell people what kind of music or what kind of music artist to like or to listen to.) are wrong. I am a major Jonas Brothers fan because of a couple of reasons (and no. It's not only because I think they are the hottest things since forever!). One reason is that this is their dream. They want to be singers and performers and I think that is amazing because not a lot of guys are brave enough to either admit that or follow their dream based on what people think. Another reason is that they are awesome at what they do. Also, I am pretty sure that most of these comments about the Jonas Brothers are by boys so there you go. Anyway I hope anyone who like and semi like the Jonas Brothers comes to see this movie. There are other stars in this movie too.
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By brendon_c
Written February 05, 2009
Why people would pay to see them is beyond me. Oh but wait...its the brainwashed children of the world that will be dying to see the "Jo Bro's" in theaters. And it's the same brainwashed children who saw High School Musical 3. and that Hannah Montana 3-D thing. It disgusts me that parents would allow their little 5 year olds to obsess over the Jonas Brothers. It's unhealthy. And the jonas brothers don't need a movie. it's just a money making scheme.
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By apitateslifeforus
Written February 18, 2009
I went to the San Francisco early private screening and I LOVED the movie!! It was probably the best movie I've ever seen! My favorite part was either Love Is On Its Way (truly magical song!) or the beginning when they boys are waking up and eating breakfast. I'm going to see it again @ midnight on the 26th and many more times after that! I hope it does exceptionally well @ the box office cuz it was an AMAZING movie! Thank you so much to Team Jonas (their amazing fan club) for having the special screenings! You guys are amazing! XOXO P.S. IF YOU'RE READING THIS YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!
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By moviesrulz5
Written January 30, 2009
this movie looks horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the jonas brothers aren't real rockstars.who cares if it is in 3d. there is so much better rock bands such as ac/dc, linkin park, bon jovi, led zepplin, black sabbath, styx, maroon 5, nickelback, and aerosmith.
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