JONAH HEX. Grade: C (Based on advance premiere screening on Wed. June 16th 2010)

Written June 18, 2010
JONAH HEX is based on the DC comics character of the same name. This short 80-minute 'revenge' movie was ineptly directed by Jimmy Hayward. Josh Brolin's character, Jonah Hex, possessed supernatural abilities - developed after his near-death experience. Megan Fox's character - a prostitute named Lilah - was Jonah Hex's love interest. John Malkovich played the main antagonist/villain, Quentin Turnbull. A nod to Michael Fassbender who gave a above-average performance as Burke(Quentin's psychotic right-hand man). The action is non-stop, and the bullets and projectiles fly fast and true. But, the script leaves a lot to be desired - lacking depth/substance and filled with one-dimensional shallow characters. CGI - basic run-of-the-mill. Cinematography and editing - blah! The ending sets up for a possible sequel. Verdict: A lack-luster average production that could have gone straight to DVD. Recommended for fans of Josh Brolin, Megan Fox, John Malkovich. A definite rental.
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Five Word Review

By xsv_702
Written June 22, 2010
A Complete waste of time
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By xdjam0218
Written May 17, 2010
I can't wait to see this movie 1 because i love megan fox, and to because it's seems like a breakout role for her and i hope that the movie is great.
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Five Word Review

By k28dalton
Written June 11, 2010
hate nasty gross megan fox
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a cool supernatural twist to the western genre

By This fans fa you
Written June 26, 2010
unfortunately nothing more than mediocrity. James Hayward who directed "Horton Hears a who" should of put more time in plot and character development. Josh Brolin was good in his role as Jonah Hex as well as John Malcovich and Michael Fassbender. Megan Fox was alright.The supernatural cowboy who can tlk to the dead, that was cool. Revolving guns on horse back was outrageous to me, but cool as well. All in all, just another shoot em up western, good popcorn movie, perfect rental. A little unique, could of been a classic if it had better direction, felt a little rushed as well. ciao!
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