JONAH HEX. Grade: C (Based on advance premiere screening on Wed. June 16th 2010)

Written June 18, 2010
JONAH HEX is based on the DC comics character of the same name. This short 80-minute 'revenge' movie was ineptly directed by Jimmy Hayward. Josh Brolin's character, Jonah Hex, possessed supernatural abilities - developed after his near-death experience. Megan Fox's character - a prostitute named Lilah - was Jonah Hex's love interest. John Malkovich played the main antagonist/villain, Quentin Turnbull. A nod to Michael Fassbender who gave a above-average performance as Burke(Quentin's psychotic right-hand man). The action is non-stop, and the bullets and projectiles fly fast and true. But, the script leaves a lot to be desired - lacking depth/substance and filled with one-dimensional shallow characters. CGI - basic run-of-the-mill. Cinematography and editing - blah! The ending sets up for a possible sequel. Verdict: A lack-luster average production that could have gone straight to DVD. Recommended for fans of Josh Brolin, Megan Fox, John Malkovich. A definite rental.
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Five Word Review

By xsv_702
Written June 22, 2010
A Complete waste of time
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By xdjam0218
Written May 17, 2010
I can't wait to see this movie 1 because i love megan fox, and to because it's seems like a breakout role for her and i hope that the movie is great.
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Five Word Review

By k28dalton
Written June 11, 2010
hate nasty gross megan fox
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The movie was really a so-so....

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written June 19, 2010
...but I am rating NO because I think you would really be ticked if you spent theatre price money on this! I was pretty pumped,even though I think one of the female leads,no names,(haha) can't act. The concept just sounded unique and I am a major Malkovich,minor Brolin fan.But someone just picked up various pieces of film in editing room to put together.Dialogue was too sparse for the most part. Malkovich was good,but it was a sleep through for him. Brolin,really good,just,again no real cohesive script. Lady in question,as empty as expected. pretty clean though. Really wanted to rate this high. Be careful
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