New York Post

A slumber-party classic that belongs on the same shelf as "Bring It On" and "10 Things I Hate About You." This high-school comedy should do for its 20-year-old star, Brittany Snow, what those movies did for Kirsten Dunst and Julia Stiles.
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TV Guide

By Angel Cohn
Surprisingly entertaining, if less than original.
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Boston Globe

By Wesley Morris
The movie is as inconsequentially pleasant as its star, and far nicer than the title lets on, too.
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Philadelphia Inquirer

Too cute by half, the high school comedy John Tucker Must Die is just so likable, so, um, cute - in that helpless-bunny-wabbit sort of way - that to diss it would be to admit being a heartless, cynical Bambi-killer.
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
Every woman falls for the wrong guy at least once in her life. This week, it's Betty Thomas' turn.
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
The movie starts out cleverly enough but grows insipid as the girls' antics become more predictable.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Ruthe Stein
Something to see and occasionally even to laugh at.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Kirk Honeycutt
Lame and unconvincing teen comedy.
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Entertainment Weekly

Astonishingly (and offensively), the witless ending comes down harder on the women than the cad.
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Rolling Stone

By Peter Travers
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