John Krasinski
Date of Birth
Oct 20, 1979

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Bill Murray Aloha
2014 Alec Baldwin Aloha
2014 Salma Hayek Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet
2014 Liam Neeson Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet
2014 Frank Langella Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet
2014 Alfred Molina Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet
2013 John Ratzenberger Monsters University
2013 Alfred Molina Monsters University
2013 Dave Foley Monsters University
2013 John Goodman Monsters University
2013 Billy Crystal Monsters University
2013 Steve Buscemi Monsters University
2013 Bonnie Hunt Monsters University
2013 Helen Mirren Monsters University
2013 Jennifer Grey The Wind Rises
2013 William H. Macy The Wind Rises
2013 Werner Herzog The Wind Rises
2013 Elijah Wood The Wind Rises
2013 Mandy Patinkin The Wind Rises
2013 Stanley Tucci The Wind Rises
2013 Martin Short The Wind Rises
2012 Dermot Mulroney Big Miracle
2012 Tim Blake Nelson Big Miracle
2012 Stephen Root Big Miracle
2012 James LeGros Big Miracle
2012 Drew Barrymore Big Miracle
2012 John Michael Higgins Big Miracle
2012 Ted Danson Big Miracle
2012 Dylan McDermott Nobody Walks
2012 Lucas Black Promised Land
2012 Hal Holbrook Promised Land
2012 Matt Damon Promised Land
2012 Terry Kinney Promised Land
2012 Frances McDormand Promised Land
2011 James Spader The Office: Season 08
2011 Jill Eikenberry Something Borrowed
2011 Kate Hudson Something Borrowed
2010 Will Ferrell The Office: Season 07
2010 Kathy Bates The Office: Season 07
2010 Steve Carell The Office: Season 07
2009 Jeff Daniels Away We Go
2009 Kevin J. O'Connor Away We Go
2009 Catherine O'Hara Away We Go
2009 Allison Janney Away We Go
2009 Melanie Lynskey Away We Go
2009 Maggie Gyllenhaal Away We Go
2009 Timothy Hutton Brief Interviews With Hideous Men
2009 Josh Charles Brief Interviews With Hideous Men
2009 Christopher Meloni Brief Interviews With Hideous Men
2009 Meryl Streep It's Complicated
2009 Mary Kay Place It's Complicated
2009 Steve Martin It's Complicated
2009 Rita Wilson It's Complicated
2009 Alec Baldwin It's Complicated
2009 Paul Rudd Monsters vs. Aliens
2009 Hugh Laurie Monsters vs. Aliens
2009 Renée Zellweger Monsters vs. Aliens
2009 Reese Witherspoon Monsters vs. Aliens
2009 Jeffrey Tambor Monsters vs. Aliens
2009 Kiefer Sutherland Monsters vs. Aliens
2009 Kathy Bates The Office: Season 06
2009 Steve Carell The Office: Season 06
2008 Stephen Root Leatherheads
2008 Renée Zellweger Leatherheads
2008 Jonathan Pryce Leatherheads
2008 George Clooney Leatherheads
2008 Steve Carell The Office: Season 05
2007 Robin Williams License to Wed
2007 Mandy Moore License to Wed
2007 Steve Carell The Office: Season 04
2007 Aaron Eckhart Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience
2007 Beau Bridges Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience
2007 Josh Lucas Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience
2007 Robert Duvall Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience
2007 Rupert Everett Shrek the Third
2007 Antonio Banderas Shrek the Third
2007 Julie Andrews Shrek the Third
2007 Eddie Murphy Shrek the Third
2007 Eric Idle Shrek the Third
2007 John Cleese Shrek the Third
2007 Cameron Diaz Shrek the Third
2007 Ian McShane Shrek the Third
2007 Mike Myers Shrek the Third
2007 Roscoe Lee Browne Smiley Face
2007 Marion Ross Smiley Face
2007 Jane Lynch Smiley Face
2006 John Lithgow Dreamgirls
2006 Jamie Foxx Dreamgirls
2006 Eddie Murphy Dreamgirls
2006 Danny Glover Dreamgirls
2006 Jennifer Hudson Dreamgirls
2006 Harry Shearer For Your Consideration
2006 Parker Posey For Your Consideration
2006 Catherine O'Hara For Your Consideration
2006 Fred Willard For Your Consideration
2006 Christopher Guest For Your Consideration
2006 Sandra Oh For Your Consideration
2006 Michael McKean For Your Consideration
2006 John Michael Higgins For Your Consideration
2006 Eugene Levy For Your Consideration
2006 Bob Balaban For Your Consideration
2006 Paul Dooley For Your Consideration
2006 Ed Begley, Jr. For Your Consideration
2006 Jane Lynch For Your Consideration
2006 Hart Bochner For Your Consideration
2006 Ricky Gervais For Your Consideration
2006 Jude Law The Holiday
2006 Bill Macy The Holiday
2006 Kate Winslet The Holiday
2006 Cameron Diaz The Holiday
2006 Eli Wallach The Holiday
2006 Rufus Sewell The Holiday
2006 Edward Burns The Holiday
2006 Jack Black The Holiday
2006 Shelley Berman The Holiday
2006 Steve Carell The Office: Season 03
2005 Jake Gyllenhaal Jarhead
2005 Dennis Haysbert Jarhead
2005 Peter Sarsgaard Jarhead
2005 Lucas Black Jarhead
2005 Jamie Foxx Jarhead
2005 Chris Cooper Jarhead
2005 Steve Carell The Office [TV Series]
2005 Steve Carell The Office: Season 01
2005 Steve Carell The Office: Season 02
2004 Chevy Chase Doogal
2004 Jim Broadbent Doogal
2004 Ian McKellen Doogal
2004 Bill Nighy Doogal
2004 Kevin Smith Doogal
2004 Judi Dench Doogal
2004 Joanna Lumley Doogal
2004 Jon Stewart Doogal
2004 Lee Evans Doogal
2004 Whoopi Goldberg Doogal
2004 William H. Macy Doogal
2004 Ray Winstone Doogal
2004 David Schwimmer Duane Hopwood
2004 Dick Cavett Duane Hopwood
2004 Susan Lynch Duane Hopwood
2004 Janeane Garofalo Duane Hopwood
2004 Liam Neeson Kinsey
2004 Peter Sarsgaard Kinsey
2004 Oliver Platt Kinsey
2004 Lynn Redgrave Kinsey
2004 Chris O'Donnell Kinsey
2004 Tim Curry Kinsey
2004 Dylan Baker Kinsey
2004 John Lithgow Kinsey
2004 Laura Linney Kinsey
2004 Veronica Cartwright Kinsey
2004 Timothy Hutton Kinsey
2004 Ann-Margret Taxi
2004 Queen Latifah Taxi
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