John Cowley

Worked With

Year Name Title
1990 Brendan Gleeson The Field
1990 John Hurt The Field
1990 Richard Harris The Field
1990 Tom Berenger The Field
1990 Sean Bean The Field
1990 Brenda Fricker The Field
1965 Frank Finlay Underworld Informers
1965 Harry Andrews Underworld Informers
1965 Nigel Patrick Underworld Informers
1965 Roy Kinnear Underworld Informers
1965 Julie Christie Young Cassidy
1965 Edith Evans Young Cassidy
1965 Flora Robson Young Cassidy
1965 Michael Redgrave Young Cassidy
1965 Maggie Smith Young Cassidy
1965 Sian Phillips Young Cassidy
1965 Rod Taylor Young Cassidy
1964 Lois Maxwell Avengers: The Little Wonders
1964 Patrick Macnee Avengers: The Little Wonders
1964 Honor Blackman Avengers: The Little Wonders
1962 MacDonald Carey The Devil's Agent
1962 Billie Whitelaw The Devil's Agent
1962 Christopher Lee The Devil's Agent
1962 Helen Cherry The Devil's Agent
1962 Peter Van Eyck The Devil's Agent
1962 Niall MacGinnis The Devil's Agent
1962 Eric Pohlmann The Devil's Agent
1962 Patrick McGoohan The Quare Fellow
1962 Sylvia Syms The Quare Fellow
1962 John Welsh The Quare Fellow
1959 William Bendix Idle on Parade
1959 Lionel Jeffries Idle on Parade
1959 Percy Herbert Idle on Parade
1959 Anthony Newley Idle on Parade
1959 John Wood Idle on Parade
1958 Julie Harris The Poacher's Daughter
1957 Cyril Cusack The Rising of the Moon
1957 Edward Lexy The Rising of the Moon
1957 Denis O'Dea The Rising of the Moon
1957 Tyrone Power The Rising of the Moon
1957 Noel Purcell The Rising of the Moon
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