John Corbett
Date of Birth
May 09, 1961
Birth Place:
Wheeling, WV


With his ability to seamlessly alternate between a laid-back rugged handsomeness and fashionably well-coifed GQ good looks, John Corbett's endearingly goofy charm and picture-perfect smile have built the talented actor a devoted female fan base in addition to making him perfectly suited for roles in such diverse beloved television hits as Northern Exposure and Sex and the City. With his role as the culture-shocked WASP groom introduced into an extended Greek family in Nia Vardalos' surprise breakout hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding, longtime fans of Corbett's small-screen work were delighted to see the actor finally match that success in feature films. Born and raised in West Virginia, Corbett initially moved to California not to seek success in the bright lights of Hollywood, but to pursue a decidedly less glamorous career working in a steel factory. Concurrently taking classes at a local college, fate had other plans for Corbett as he was forced to halt his factory work after six years due to an injury. Deciding to sit in on a friend's drama class on a lark and called to the stage by the teacher to assist in an exercise, Corbett's talent was clear to all and he was soon on his way to forging a new career on-stage. The encouragement and support of his teacher gave Corbett the confidence to develop his talents and seek a career as an actor, and it wasn't long before he was finding frequent work in commercials. Corbett's big break would come in the late '80s with an appearance on The Wonder Years, though it was his Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated performance in the popular television drama Northern Exposure (1990-1995) that endeared him to audiences and officially commenced his career in the public eye. As the free-thinking intellectual disc jockey who finds himself settled in the quirky town of Cicely, AK, Corbett settled into a role that would gain him a considerable fan base. Roles in numerous television productions followed, and Corbett's appearances in such features as Tombstone (1993) and Volcano (1997) found him successfully developing as an actor while maintaining his unique and likeable presence in front of the cameras. His role as Sarah Jessica Parker's love interest on the breakout HBO hit series Sex and the City found audiences sympathizing with the marriage-minded but lovelorn character, and after a role as a new age musician in the romantic comedy Serendipity, Corbett finally tied the knot in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Shot on a miniscule budget but becoming a massive success in the weeks following its release, My Big Fat Greek Wedding delivered Corbett's small-screen promise to the big screen with effectively side-splitting results and paved the way for a successful feature career. He had another brief TV run as a gambler in the cable series Lucky in 2003. In 2004 he appeared in the Kate Hudson romcom Raising Helen. Though he continued to work steadily in film, he returned to TV in order to be in The United States of Tara on HBO. He appeared in Sex and the City 2 and played the father in Ramona and Beezus in 2010. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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